Road project on track, rain affecting culverts

Chisago County Engineer Joe Triplett told the Board of Commissioners June 18 that a major county road project is on track, despite the recent wet weather.

The reconstruction project on County Road 30 between Wyoming and Stacy is “moving along, even with the rain,” Triplett said. “The contractor’s goal was to have the road open by the Fourth of July, and right now, it looks like they’re going to.”

However, he said the deluges of rain have resulted in numerous washouts along roadways throughout the county.

“We’ve had several culvert issues, washouts and replacements,” he said. “It’s been a real busy spring and will continue to be as we find and replace these culverts.”

He added: “It wasn’t all at once. It seems like every few days we’ll get a report of a sinkhole or a culvert washing out. It’s been one of those springs.”

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