July 17

July 17, 2014
The Regular Organizational School Board Meeting was called to order by Chairperson Folkema at 7:04 p.m. in Room 201 at the Rush City High School.
Roll Call
Board Members present: Scott Tryon, Stefanie Folkema, Brenda Nessel, Scott Anderson, Matt Perreault, Teri Umbreit. Board Members absent: None. Others in attendance: Vern Koepp, Superintendent; Melody Tenhoff, Elementary Principal; Brent Stavig, High School Principal; Laureen Frost, Business Manager; Jeanne Korf, Facilities/Accts. Payable; a representative from the ECM Post Review, and other interested persons.
Approval of Regular School Board Meeting Agenda
Motion #06914 by Tryon seconded by Nessel approving the Regular School Board Meeting agenda with several additional resignations added since the agenda was posted. Motion carried unanimously.
Board Organization Fiscal Year 2015
Note: Election of Board Officers and Committee Assignments occur annually during the month of January. School Board Organization during July is an organization of fiscal, financial, and legal matters.
Motion #07014 by Nessel seconded by Umbreit establishing the regular board meeting day as the third Thursday of the month at the Rush City High School, Room 201, at 7:00 p.m., and adopting Roberts Rules of Order for school board meetings, and approving board member compensation at $45.00 per meeting with the exception of all day meetings, which will be paid at a rate of $90.00 per day, and designating the East Central Minnesota Post Review as the districts official newspaper for legal publications, and establishing the Minnesota School District Liquid Asset Fund, PMA Trust Fund, Northwoods Bank-Rush City, Unity Bank-Rush City, and Ehlers Investment Partners LLC as the official depositories for the districts financial resources, and designating the Business Manager and Superintendent for making electronic fund transfers for the district, and designating the Accounts Payable position to coordinate credit card use, and designating the Superintendent to work with Rupp, Anderson, Squires & Waldspurger; Ratwick, Roszak, Maloney; or Knutson, Flynn, et. al, and adopting the following resolution regarding adoption of school policies:
At a Regular Meeting of the School Board of Independent School District 139, Rush City, Minnesota, held on the 17th day of July 2014, the following resolution was adopted:
BE IT RESOLVED by the School Board of Independent School District 139 that the district policies, having been duly reviewed by the Board, are hereby adopted as the official policies of Independent School District 139.
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the policies adopted herein supersede and take precedence over any and all policies of the school district, and, further, that any policies, practices, regulations or rules inconsistent with these provisions are hereby rescinded and repealed.
And approving membership in the following organizations: Minnesota School Board Association, Resource Training and Solutions-Membership, Resource Training and Solutions-Mgmt Asst Prgm, Resource Training and Solutions-Health & Safety, CMERDC, MSHSL, Schools for Equity in Education, Infinity Online Learning, and TIES. Motion carried unanimously.
Approval of Consent Agenda Items
Motion #07114 by Nessel seconded by Anderson approving the following Consent Agenda Items:
Minutes of the Regular Board Meeting of June 19, 2014.
Bills, obligations, and invoices totaling $1,313,653.36 for Rush City, and $558,097.67 for SCRED.
Approve Coaching Handbook
Approve Transportation Handbook
Approve iPad Handbook
Approve Personnel
Rush City ISD #139
Employ Wes Prose-Van driver
Employ James Monson-Assistant Cross Country Coach
Employ Michelle Kirby-8th Grade Volleyball Coach
Rodney Swanson-Bus Driver, resignation effective August 31, 2014
Angela Houlahan-Physical Education/Health Teacher effective July 16, 2014 (Contingent upon finding a suitable replacement)
Colleen Schumacher-Tiger Club, resignation effective July 30, 2014
Employ Christina Nielsen-School Psychologist beginning August 4, 2014
Employ Tara Haase-School Psychologist beginning August 4, 2014
Employ Jessica Laven-VI Teacher/OHD Consultant beginning August 14, 2014
Employ Kristina Foss-Program Coord. EDMAP CCCC Truancy beginning Aug. 22, 2014
Sarah Rydberg-ABE Teacher-FMLA leave request, 9/1/14 through 9/30/14.
Stephanie Windschill-School Nurse, resignation effective July 8, 2014(Contingent upon finding a suitable replacement)
Motion carried unanimously.
Note: Board chair Folkema wished to thank Rodney Swanson for 12 years of service to Rush City Schools.
Consideration of Item(s) Removed From Consent Agenda
Recognition/Policy Review
In a first reading the Board discussed the following policies: Policy #514 – Bullying Prohibition Policy, Policy #516 Student Medication, and Policy #521 Student Disability Nondiscrimination.
After a second reading and final Board review of proposed changes Motion #07214 by Anderson seconded by Perreault approving the following policy: Policy #806 – Crises Management (Including emergency procedures addendum). Motion carried unanimously.
Financial Information
District Office staff are preparing for the annual financial audit. They have met with auditors several days for preliminary audit. Auditors will be on site again in August for field work of final audit.
Board members noted receiving a thank you note from the American Red Cross related to the recent Blood Drive, which occurred at the Rush City High School.
Positive Points
None during summer months.
71 Passenger Bus Ordered
Superintendent Koepp reported that a 71 passenger bus has been ordered through North Central Bus Inc., St. Cloud, MN, using the Minnesota State Bus Cooperative Purchasing System for a total cost of $94,061.87 which includes a trade in reduction of $1,600 and taxes for the new bus. This is about $1,600 less than the new bus purchased a year ago.
HS Window Project
Superintendent Koepp reported that Heat Mizer Glass Inc. of Cambridge, MN has ordered windows to replace high school windows with windows that have bronze anodized aluminum frames and tinted low-e tempered insulated glass. Windows and installation are expected to cost $45,151.00. The District is working with a local contractor to get prices for replacing interior windowsills as well. Windows should be installed during the month of August.
Meetings Attended
Board member Perreault and Superintendent Koepp reported on the recent Infinity Governing Board Meeting. The 2013-14 budget and 2014-15 budget were reviewed and finances seem solid. Enrollment remains steady, they have a high successful completion rate, and the courses are good supplemental opportunities for students.
Old Business
Van Purchase
Superintendent Koepp has been in touch with area dealerships regarding a full size van with a lift for wheelchairs. North Branch Chevrolet has been researching the cost of a 2015 Chevy Express van with a lift and floor anchors for the wheelchair, additional seating that complies with state and federal regulations, and a raised roof to provide adequate headroom for individuals in wheelchairs. A firm quote was not available for this board meeting. Whereupon Motion #07314 by Umbreit seconded by Nessel authorizing the Superintendent to negotiate a price with the dealer to purchase a van with a wheelchair lift. Motion carried unanimously.
New Business
Lunch/Breakfast Prices 2014-15
Food Service Director Westman has received a memo from the United States Department of Agriculture Food and Nutrition Service which discusses school lunch prices. Based on this information Westman recommends raising student lunch prices $.10 in each building and adult breakfast prices by $.05. Whereupon Motion #07414 by Perreault seconded by Nessel setting the Elementary student lunch price at $2.35 per meal, the High School student lunch price at $2.50 per meal, and the adult breakfast price at $1.65 per meal. Motion carried unanimously.
Tiger Club
Elementary Principal Tenhoff provided a history of this program and how revenue has fallen below expenditures in recent years. The program has been running deficits the last three years ranging from $6,000 to $9,000 and will exhaust the fund balance for this program soon. Several parents spoke about the value of this after school and summer daycare program and several board members voiced concern about using tax payer money to subsidize daycare for families. Whereupon Motion #07514 by Nessel seconded by Perreault to discontinue the Tiger Club program at the end of this summer and transfer any remaining funds into the General Fund Elementary Activity Account. Motion carried unanimously.
Long Term Disability Insurance
Business Manager Frost reviewed quotes from three vendors with rates ranging from .255 to .364 percent of covered payroll. Frost recommended the low quote of .255% from Madision National Life. Whereupon Motion #07614 by Tryon seconded by Anderson accepting the proposal from Madison National Life Insurance Company for a three year rate guaranteed at .255% of covered payroll for long term disability insurance, including the enhanced benefit to change the maximum benefit period to social security normal retirement age. Motion carried unanimously.
System Accountability Report/School Calendar
After general review with specific attention to the Improvement Progress Report, the Improvement Plan Report, and Staff Development Plan for 2014-15. Motion #07714 by Nessel seconded by Anderson approving the Annual Report on Curriculum, Instruction, and Student Achievement as presented for the 2013-14 school year. Motion carried unanimously.
Health and Safety Three Year Budget
Jeanne Korf Facilities/Accts. Payable Manager briefly reviewed the district Health and Safety program and gave examples of projects for different categories. Korf briefly reviewed the 2014, 2015, and 2016 Health and Safety budgets. Whereupon, Motion #07814 by Nessel seconded by Umbreit approving the Health and Safety Three Year Budget. Motion carried unanimously.
Fundraisers-Annual Review
After reviewing a comprehensive list of fundraisers conducted by school groups throughout the school year, Motion #07914 by Nessel seconded by Perreault approving the fundraisers on this list for 2014-15 school year. Motion carried unanimously.
Pay15 Levy Options
Board members reviewed financial information prepared by financial consultants Ehlers & Associates, showing the impact of different levy amounts on various property values and the revenue each levy would produce. The current $300 per student levy costs about $34 per year per $100,000 property value, with state aid picking up about 61% of the levy. Board members reviewed options to increase this levy by $150, $300, and $424 per student.
Commercial property is taxed at the same rate as residential property, and agricultural property is taxed on the house garage and one acre at the same rate as residential property. The seasonal recreational property will pay no taxes on this levy.
Board members discussed the need to be sensitive to citizen tax obligations while providing for district needs related to adequately staffing buildings, maintaining district facilities, and staying current with curriculum and technology. Whereupon Motion #08014 by Tryon seconded by Nessel accepting option 3, an increase of $300 per student. Voting for, Umbreit, Nessel, Folkema, Tryon, Anderson. Voting against, Perreault. Motion carried.
Notes: This additional $300 per student levy will cost about $59 per year for $100,000 property value or a total of $93 per year. ($34 current levy plus $59 new levy). State equalization aid picks up about 47% of the total cost of the levy. This levy is reported to the county in August, the school board sets a preliminary levy in September, and the school board sets the final levy in December.
Fundraiser Request-Girls Basketball
Speaking on behalf of Girls Basketball Coach Joe Nelson, Superintendent Koepp requested permission for parents and athletes to work in the pork burger stand at the Chisago County Fair, Thursday, June 17 thru Saturday, June 19. Whereupon Motion #08114 by Anderson seconded by Perreault approving this fundraiser as requested. Motion carried unanimously.
St. Croix River Education District
Regular Board Mtg Room 201,
High School
8/21/14 7:00 p.m.
Motion #08214 by Anderson seconded by Umbreit adjourning the Regular Board meeting at 8:22 p.m. Motion carried unanimously.
Respectfully submitted,
Brenda Nessel, Clerk
Published in the
ECM Post Review
July 23, 2014

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