Lighting rebates offered to North Branch residents, businesses

For those in North Branch who currently use high-intensity discharge lighting for exterior lighting or in interior areas of their buildings with ceiling heights greater than 15 feet (high bay), now is the time to upgrade to energy-efficient LED or linear fluorescent fixtures.

Through December 31, North Branch Water and Light is offering a $10 bonus rebate for the following fixture replacements and sensor installations:

• Exterior HID to LED or Induction fixture replacements.

• Interior high bay HID to LED or fluorescent fixture replacements.

• Occupancy sensors installed to control new qualifying interior high bay fixtures.

– Bonus rebates are over and above North Branch Water and Light’s standard fixture and sensor rebates.

Just download and complete the applicable bonus rebate form along with a standard business lighting rebate form and submit them to [email protected] by December 31, 2014, to approve and reserve rebates (forms and lighting tables can be found at

People who have questions can call 507-990-5907.

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