Businesses, city buildings burglarized in Stacy

Local businesses and public entities in the Stacy area have endured a spate of burglaries as of late.

Tony Olivolo, a Stacy resident and an employee of Sunrise Auto Sales, came to the Aug. 14 meeting and suggested the city consider installing security cameras around town. Olivolo thought perhaps local business owners would pay toward the cost.

“We need something,” Olivolo said.

One of the businesses burglarized was the municipal liquor store, Stacy Wine and Spirits. Mayor Mark Utecht and the council listened to Olivolo’s request and thought it warranted a serious discussion with off-sale manager Brian Hachey.

Al Sayouri, owner of the new tobacco and e-cigarette store, told the council how he had done research before deciding to move to Stacy to make this his home and open his business here. He explained how he had paid a delinquent property tax bill in excess of $30,000 to take over the former Sacred Grounds space.

“How can we make our home town a safer area?” he asked.

Sayouri concurred with Olivolo’s suggestion of security cameras. He said that if the city couldn’t come up with the funds, he would find a way to raise the money.

Sayouri also asked for more law enforcement. He cited a lengthy law enforcement response time of 25 to 30 minutes that he had waited the night his business had been burglarized and he seconded the mayor’s request for more coverage in the evening and at night.

“We know there’s trouble; how can we fix it?” Sayouri asked.

Chisago County Deputy Derek Anklan didn’t dismiss outright the installation of cameras. He pointed out that someone would have to monitor the cameras and store the data. Anklan recommended starting with a single high definition camera placed on the roof over Stacy Wine and Spirits that would monitor the mall entrance.

Anklan added that patrols can be adjusted for time of day, but the city contracts for coverage for only 38 hours each month or 2.8 hours a day. There are four squads on patrol in the county during the night. This limits the availability of coverage, and law enforcement sometimes has to prioritize calls.

Councilor Jim Ness made a motion, which was approved, to direct Tanner Jones, city maintenance supervisor, to research the cost of camera equipment and to survey for points in the city for most effective coverage.

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