Vintage Baseball: The way it was meant to be played


Matt Carter, executive director of the Dunn County Historical Society and team captain for the Menomonie Blue Caps, will present “Vintage Baseball: The Way it Was Meant to be Played”  at 2 p.m. Aug. 24 at the Hay Lake School Museum and Erickson Log House Museum in Scandia. The event is free to the public.

Carter will present the similarities and differences between modern baseball and the vintage game.

“We’ll talk about what vintage baseball is, the rules we play by and the customs that have been developed for entertainment purposes,” Carter said.

Vintage baseball is a great sport for a wide variety of age groups.

“This type of baseball allows people from age 7 to 70 play and have a great deal of fun,” said Brent Peterson, WCHS executive director. “It is a great way for one generation to connect to another using the game of baseball as the link through their history.”

The Dunn County Historical Society sponsors the Menomonie Blue Caps vintage baseball team, located in Menomonie, Wisconsin. The Blue Caps is the only team in western Wisconsin and most of their matches throughout the year are played against eastern Minnesota teams, including the St. Croix BBC, of the Washington County Historical Society.

The Hay Lake Museum and Erickson Log House Museum is located at 14020 195th St N., Scandia. For further information, contact Hay Lake Museum Manager Dustyn Dubuque at 651-433-4014 or email at [email protected]

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