Barrett can’t debate issues with ‘an elephant in the room’

to the editor

I’m writing today in response to James Lentz’s recent letter supporting Rep. Bob Barrett and stating that he’s been a union electrician for over 25 years. Maybe he should also have stated that his wife, Michelle Lentz, was Sen. Nienow’s Legislative Assistance for a long time and worked very closely with Rep. Barrett.

James Lentz’s support of Rep. Barrett is interesting. As a union electrician myself, I was very disappointed that he didn’t support the Bonding Bill that puts thousands of skilled tradesman to work and builds and maintains our state’s public infrastructure.

He’s right that the Democrats and DFL Candidate for House 32B Laurie Warner can’t debate Rep. Barrett on the issues because the elephant in the room is clouding the whole election process. That is if Rep. Barrett truly lives in District 32B, how can he claim homestead credit for property he doesn’t live in outside the district? This is a crime more serious than the misdemeanor he was charged with for false campaign literature from the 2012 election. The homestead violation could have up to a year in prison and $3,000 fine, and our county assessor and county attorney need to prosecute Rep. Barrett on this crime he’s admitted to publicly. He’s an elected legislator and is supposed to make laws, not break them.

This can’t be a mistake, as Rep. Barrett has a B. S. degree in accounting and 22 years of experience in budgeting, finance and analysis, according to his own literature.

Until Rep. Barrett faces a trial and is cleared of this crime, how can anyone debate the issues?


Bill Malecha


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