von Lange’s right to free speech guaranteed by the Constitution

To the editor

The left is all for free speech until somebody complains about the left’s agenda. When that happens free speech goes out the window and punishing the complainer becomes the order of the day. Case in point:  (the complaint) last week’s letter trashing John von Lange for exercising his right of free speech by  Mr. von Lange’s forwarding an email very critical of the left; (the punishment) the letter demands Mr. von Lange be booted off the Planning Commission. No free speech for Mr. von Lange, only punishment for being on the wrong side. The pesky little problem here of course is Mr. von Lange’s right to free speech guaranteed by our Constitution.  Yeah, the Constitution; what the left wouldn’t give to get rid of the Constitution; but not to worry, the left is on it, 24/7.  Nov. 4 is fast approaching.

David Hardin


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