War on Powderpuff Football

To the editor

If you’re not aware of what Powderpuff is, it’s a where the junior and senior girls square off against one another in a game of flag

football. Varsity football players typically get together to coach each of the teams and teach them plays and positions. This event is held during homecoming week and has been tradition that’s been around North Branch High School for some time.

The high school principal, along with the athletic director and now the new high school football coach, have collectively declared war on the Powderpuff football game. It wasn’t enough to kick them off their home turf last year (which now has to be played at Harder Park — can’t be on school grounds) but now vale threats are being thrown out to all football players that, participation or helping out in the organization of the game will leave them on the bench during the Homecoming Football game.

Why does the principal hate the Powderpuff game? Is there some male chauvinism here … that football shouldn’t be played by girls? Maybe it distracts from the “real” football game played by the varsity football team? Regardless, their energy to squash the Powderpuff practice at North Branch is relentless – and they should collectively feel ashamed of themselves for essentially playing

bully to their entire student body by trying to force out an event that these students mutually stand behind and cherish. Really?

That’s going to be your legacy?

A better approach, and an adult approach, would be to swallow some pride and bring it back into the school where it belongs. Become its biggest advocate. The kids love it… it’s a safe, festive, harmless game that brings the students as well as the community together for an evening of fun. After all… it’s their school! Who wouldn’t be

proud to stand behind that and encourage it? Well, unfortunately, Mr. McDonough won’t. Rather, he’d like to see it crushed and

banished forever from the school.


Fred Hayek


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