We can’t trust Barrett to be our representative

To the editor

Every ten years after the census, the U.S. House of Representatives, State Senate and State House of Representatives districts are redrawn to balance the populations between these districts. Rep. Barrett, in this process, was redistricted out of his district. From this point forward he had many choices to make.

First, he decided not to run against Rep. Dettmer, whose district he was moved into. It seems many of the decisions he made after this were not good choices. By Minnesota law, he needs to live in the district he represents; his only choice was to move into District 17B.

We have all heard that his residency has been challenged and that judge who heard the case couldn’t say where Rep. Barrett lives, just that there wasn’t enough evidence to conclude he doesn’t live in the district.

He presented two cars registered on Mentzer Trail, but not the Honda he mainly drives. Why not? His home in Franconia Township could have been put up for sale or rent, neither of which they did. Yet he continues to claim the Homestead Credit on that home when he states he doesn’t live there. Clearly against the law!

In the hearing they showed the lease of $500 a month for a lake home on Mentzer Trail! This is on the lake with a two-car attached garage — sounds like a sweetheart deal. Then he carried a bill for his landlord on farmers market changes that will double the business for the Chisago City Farmers Market. Did he ever disclose the landlord tenant relationship?

Things just don’t add up. Rep. Barrett could easily disclose his utility bill from the Franconia house, explain why the Honda is registered in Franconia, why they didn’t sell or rent out the Franconia house, why he claims Homestead Credit on a home he doesn’t live in and did he ever disclose he was carrying a bill for his landlord where he was getting a sweetheart deal on rent?

With all these choices he’s made, can we trust him to be our representative?

Pam Kling


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