No one can buy my integrity

To the editor
This is in response to the letter from Cindy Erickson. In your letter you state that I (Theresa Furman) was not for metering the Borchardt’s mobile home park. That is not true. Please get your facts straight. I did vote to meter all the mobile home parks. What I did not vote for was bad policy language. The policy treats the residents of mobile home parks differently than all other users on the system. It says that they will be metered at the main (by the street). They will then be billed for any leaks from the main to the home. That in itself is OK if it were to apply to every user on the system but it is not! My fear is now that the mobile home parks will be metered at the main; who will be next? Will all users and businesses in the future be mandated to also meter at the main instead of in their building? This would be very expensive for users who would then be required to dig a vault underground out by the main, hire a plumber to install a meter, as well as pay for a city permit to do all of this.
What I am in favor of is treating the residents of all mobile parks the same as any other user, by having meters installed in their residence of building.
My vote had nothing to do with me having a friend on the system. It is not fair to treat one group of residents or any business differently. I challenge you or anyone else to show me where I have voted for a friend and not for the good of the community. It is not political. It is called doing the right thing for people. It is treating all people with dignity, respect, and fairness which includes all the people who live in our mobile home parks.
I am also sure you know that there are three mobile home parks that are on city water and sewer, as well as one that has its own well and septic. Only one of the parks is owned by the Borchardts. The others are owned by other people. The language that I voted against will affect everyone living in a mobile home park who is on the system, and not just the people who live in Oakwood.
It is time to put dirty politics aside and start working together for the good of our city. People are tired of nit picking and trashing each other apart. The City of North Branch and those who live and work here deserve better.

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