Don’t have to look far to find dirty politics

To the editor
Last week in the May 13 issue of The Post Review, there was a letter by North Branch Council Member Theresa Furman.
I take issue with the last paragraph of that letter in that she seems to blame “dirty politics” on everyone except herself. This on-going political scheming started with a postcard by Tom Borchardt, just before the last election. This was aimed at discrediting Kirsten Hagen-Kennedy who was running for mayor. It certainly did backfire, and we now have Mayor Kennedy.
But it didn’t deter any of the so-called “concerned citizens” from continuing their agenda to make everything as miserable for our new mayor as possible.
My concern is that three council members are “holding up the works” and not allowing anything to get done.
I have a hard time believing that three people (Canada, Borchardt and Furman) can vote the same way every time on every issue. How often do you and your friends agree (with the same wording) every single time?
Now all three want to have Mayor Kennedy and council member Blomquist censured. Really? I still believe we have freedom of speech in this country or maybe it’s just those three.
In the meantime, the problems the city is facing mount up.
The three council members only listen to their own voices. The recommendations by staff are disregarded. The comments made by the majority of the citizens are also disregarded. When did Borchardt, Canada, and Furman become the experts? If Ms. Furman has her way we will be reimbursing trailer parks for their own sewer expenses. Really? Your tax dollars at work!
As far as the “dirty politics” goes, you don’t have to look far to see who the culprits are.

Barbara Burrington
North Branch

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