NB needs to do a better job notifying citizens

To the editor
I want to comment on the how the city of North Branch gets notices out to the public.
I live on Hemingway Avenue, on 10 acres. I thought I lived in an area where there were ten-acre limits on building. I was shocked when I found out this is not true.
The person across from me sold his 13 acres, and we thought that we were going to have one more neighbor, until he told us he was selling 3 acres to his mother and father. The people around me were not happy; they also thought that they lived in a ten-acre minimum area.
I called the city and found out that they changed the zoning in 2013 to 1 acre with 110 feet of frontage on the road.
I do not have a single neighbor that knew this. It would have been nice to have a postcard with the meeting date, so we could have voiced our opinion.
The city needs to do a better job on how to notify the citizens.
Mike Burth
North Branch

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