Traffic stop leads to felony drug charge

Harley Dalton Tauer
Harley Dalton Tauer

by Rachel Kytonen

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A Harris man is facing a felony drug charge following a traffic stop in the area of Old Main Street North and Sixth Avenue in Cambridge.
Harley Dalton Tauer, 31, was charged May 9 before Judge Amy Brosnahan in Isanti County District Court in Cambridge with felony fifth-degree drug possession, subsequent conviction. Bail was set at $16,000 without conditions or $1,000 with conditions and next court appearance for June 15.
Tauer has a prior conviction for felony fifth-degree drug possession from Chisago County in January 2013 and remains on probation until January 2018.
According to the criminal complaint:
On May 6, at 12:34 a.m., Isanti County Deputy Jonathan Vander Vegt was traveling northbound on North Main Street near 338th Lane Northeast when he observed a southbound Pontiac Grand Prix turn onto 338th Lane Northeast going westbound. Vander Vegt immediately pulled his squad behind the vehicle and observed it cross the yellow center line. As he was following the vehicle westbound on 338th Lane, he also observed the center brake light was not functioning on the vehicle. The vehicle turned south on Old Main or Hasting Street. At this point, Vander Vegt initiated a traffic stop for the violations he observed.
Vander Vegt stopped the vehicle in the area of Old Main Street North and Sixth Avenue. As he was stopping the vehicle, he observed Tauer, the male passenger, make furtive movements to his left side. Vander Vegt could see Tauer’s head and shoulder were reaching toward the center between the driver and passenger seat where the center console is. It also appeared Tauer was reaching down toward the floor in front of him.
Vander Vegt approached the vehicle and identified the female driver and the passenger as Tauer. Tauer advised he is the owner of the vehicle.
Vander Vegt asked Tauer why he saw him reaching toward the center console and make movements in the vehicle during the stop. Tauer said he was reaching for a cellphone. Vander Vegt knew from past experience with both of these parties they have been involved with methamphetamine related activity in the past.
Tauer agreed to give Vander Vegt consent to search his motor vehicle and the female driver also gave her consent.
Vander Vegt immediately found a small tobacco tin in the center console that contained a small amount of a substance that appeared to be marijuana. Vander Vegt questioned Tauer on the marijuana that was located. Tauer advised it was his and he had more in his pocket. Tauer gave Vander Vegt a cigarette pack containing another small amount of marijuana.
As Vander Vegt went back into the vehicle, he looked on the passenger floor right in front of where Tauer was seated and observed small pieces of crushed glass that were slightly rounded. In Vander Vegt’s training and experience, the glass was consistent as that from a methamphetamine pipe. Vander Vegt swabbed one of the larger pieces of glass and was able to obtain a positive field test for methamphetamine off the glass. Vander Vegt photographed the glass on the floor. Also, Vander Vegt photographed a torch that was found in that area. Vander Vegt collected the pieces of glass the best he could and took them for evidence. Vander Vegt then finished searching the motor vehicle and called Leafs Towing to come remove the vehicle due to the fact the vehicle was illegally parked and there were no valid drivers on scene.
Tauer was placed under arrest for fifth-degree possession of controlled substance and transported to the Isanti County Jail. Tauer was subject to random drug testing per his probation. Tauer tested positive for methamphetamine in the Isanti County Jail.

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