Making one last fundraising push

Derrick Knutson
Derrick Knutson

A couple of weeks ago I fished a pair of pants out of the dryer. I went to put them on, and I had a tough time sliding them over my legs. I thought to myself, “Hey, all this biking I’ve been doing has really paid off; my legs are huge!” It took me a moment to realize the pants were a couple of inches too short — they were my wife’s pants. She’s only about 3 inches shorter than me, and the pants I grabbed were basic, not a pair of her skinny jeans, so I didn’t feel too awkward about that whole situation, even though there was nobody around to see it.
I’m in the final couple of weeks before I bike in the MS-150, a two-day, 150-mile bike trek from Proctor High School to Century College in White Bear Lake to raise money for people dealing with multiple sclerosis. I started trying to get in better shape for it in late January. We’ve got a stationary bike at home, so I began logging hours on that thing, as boring as it is to pedal one’s legs and go absolutely nowhere. I thought maybe I’d be able to get out on the roads in late March, but the below-average-temperature spring we were having, up until this last week, kept me pedaling away in our basement.
I’ve been out for a couple of cooler-temperature bike rides this spring, and my thought process is always the same, right after I hop on my bike: “This is dumb. My hands are cold. I’m essentially creating my own wind chill.” Unlike running in chilly temperatures, where it doesn’t take long for one’s body to warm up, when I’m biking, I’d say it requires a solid 20 minutes or so of pushing hard before I feel warm.
I feel like my legs are quite a bit stronger than they were in January — probably not any bigger, but stronger — and I’m confident I can do this thing now. I haven’t been out any 60-plus mile bike rides, but I did the MS-150 nine years ago without biking that distance prior to the event, so I think I’ll be fine. I mean, one’s level of fitness and endurance doesn’t change over time, right?
Anyway, I’ve still got a couple of weeks left, so I’ll continue to get in some longer rides, and I’m also in the last stage of my fundraising push. I’ve almost reached my goal, and I’d like to hit or even exceed it before the weekend of June 10. So, again, I’m making an appeal to anyone who would like to support me on this ride. It’s for a good cause, and all of the money goes to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. I’m extremely grateful to everyone who has sponsored me with their donations so far. If you’d like to donate to support me, go online and follow this link:, or just do a Google search for “Minnesota Bike MS 150 2016” to find the Twin Cities Ride 2016 website, click on the “donate” tab on the far right and search “Derrick Knutson.”
Additionally, if you see me in person at the grocery store or somewhere else, you could give me a donation, and I’ll make sure it gets to the right people. If you’ve never seen me in person and that’s your preferred way to donate, just keep your eyes peeled for the 6-foot-2-inch guy wearing his wife’s jeans.

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