Spooky stories at Rush City Library

Chad Lewis
Chad Lewis

Rush City residents got an early start to Halloween at the Rush City Public Library. On Oct. 14, paranormal expert Chad Lewis shared spooky tales from around Minnesota.
Lewis holds a Master of Science degree in applied psychology from the University of Wisconsin-Stout. He has traveled the world searching for answers to some of the world’s most famous paranormal and monster sightings.
He shared several stories of ghosts and strange creatures that terrorize Minnesota, including Big Foot and the Wendigo, a cannibal monster or evil spirit native to the northern forests of the Atlantic Coast and Great Lakes region of both the United States and Canada-Manitoba.
The first story he told was of a couple traveling through Sauk Center. As the story goes, the couple was going through the area when they noticed that a trucker had been following them for quite some time. Every turn that they made was mirrored by the trucker.
After a while they noticed that the truck became blurred. It was then that the truck turned into a flock of birds that began to attack their vehicle. They quickly made it to a hotel where they told people they were being chased by alien birds.
While no one else saw the birds; hotel employees swear they saw several bird shaped animals sitting in the trees across the street.
While the birds were never found, the couple did have noticeable damage to their car. It looked as if they had been pelted by hail.
The second tale was that of a spaceship in Long Prairie in 1965. A man claims that while driving home one night he saw a large 40-foot metal space ship in the middle of the road.
The spaceship then opened up and several oil can shaped creatures with metal legs came out of the ship. Worried that no one would believe him, he hurried to find a witness.
When police arrived on the scene, there was no sign of a spaceship, but there was a large grease or oil stain left in the middle of the road.
The following week, that stretch of the road was quickly paved over.
To wrap things up, Lewis mentioned a recent call he had with a Rush City resident about two years ago. He received a call from a women claiming that her house was haunted.
She said that she could hear people talking, and noises from inside the home.
Lewis has not personally visited the home, but would also not give a specific location, as it is possible he will investigate in the future.

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