Congratulations, citizens of North Branch!

To the editor
Wow – just WOW! You have spoken with a loud and clear voice, and the adrenaline rush it has given our city is incredible! The excitement I feel in the air, as we anticipate this new beginning for our city, gives such hope. Fairness, integrity, honesty, cooperation, and the citizens of North Branch, won a huge victory on Nov. 8. Our WLC commission, with Mark Petsche at the helm, can continue its steady climb upward, without fear of political machinations impeding its progress. New councilors, Jim Swenson and Kelly Neider, will join our re-elected Mayor Kirsten Kennedy, Kathy Blomquist and Robert Canada, to work together to create a bright new future for North Branch. How great it will be to witness cooperation and mutual respect at City Council meetings! The citizens have spoken, and I could not be more proud of our city than I am now!

Chris Kendall
North Branch

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