Rush City students inducted to Honor Society

by Superintendent Teresa Dupre

In Rush City School District, our mission is to provide each learner with appropriate educational opportunities to reach his or her potential. The top priority area in our district Strategic Action Plan is to achieve academic excellence. If one way to define reaching full potential and achieving academic excellence is by being inducted into the Minnesota Honor Society, then we have 21 excellent examples. A few weeks ago we honored these 21 high school students at the induction ceremony. Most of these students are also our student leaders, band members, choir members, cast members, athletes and MORE. They are all accomplished scholars, leaders, service providers, of strong character, and truly a shining example of what Rush City can and should be so proud of.
Their accomplishments are also a tribute to our community. A strong school district equates to a strong community — yet you already know this because you are so very supportive in many, many ways. We thank all of the Rush City School district residents for their ongoing support and pride. We would like to congratulate these students and share the names of the students that are passionate about learning and achieving academic excellence. We are very proud of you.
Rush City Schools 2016 Minnesota Honor Society Inductees Are:
Olivia Anderson; Sarah Bjork; Stephanie Braund; Olivia Erdman; Chad Fleischhacker; Sydney Fulcher; Brittany Graham; Braiden Hora; Brad James; Grace Kleinsasser
Chase Langlee; Tucker Leigland; Abigail Moe; Cecelia Peterson; T.J. Roth; Lexie Schmidt; Samantha Smith; Riley Sykes; Alexandra Thompson; Evyn Weston Sjodin; Taylor Williams.

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