Police reports

North Branch police reports major arrests and incidents that occur in the city limits. Chisago County Sheriff’s Office reports major crimes and arrests within Chisago County. The time refers to the time the incident was reported on the corresponding date.

Chisago County:
Jan. 9: 50000 block of Clover Trl., a woman told a deputy that she had been assaulted by her niece through married a few days prior. She could not provide information to identify an actual person through a records check and did not know where her niece lives. The woman admitted to using prescription drugs and alcohol that evening and could not remember any details beyond it “being a wild crowd” that night. The woman said her niece called her names before the altercation took place. The woman said there were no witnesses to the incident. The deputy told the woman he would not look into her account any further, based on the details that she shared. (3:31 p.m.)
Jan. 12: 5300 block of Stacy Trl., Stacy, while on routine patrol, a deputy noticed a man behind a closed business. The deputy made contact with the man who said he was “just pacing due to being angry.” The man told the deputy he was dropped off and was now stranded, but he declined the offer of a ride from the deputy. The man said he’d walked to another friend’s house. (12:19 a.m.)
6000 block of Athens Trl., Lent Twp., while on routine patrol, a deputy noticed a vehicle parked in the parking lot, and it was running. The vehicle started to leave as the deputy pulled into the parking lot. He stopped the vehicle, as it was a suspicious time of day and because the business near the lot had experienced previous thefts. The woman told the officer she had pulled off the road because she was “having a coughing attack” and she had stopped her vehicle for safety reasons. (1:59 a.m.)
Jan. 14: North Center Lake, a deputy responded to a report of a snowmobile through the ice. Upon arrival, the deputy found that the snowmobile was actually in the back swampy area of Bull Lake, about 150 yards west of the inlet from North Center. The deputy made contact with the drive, who was unfamiliar with the area. He was on dry land and was OK. The deputy gave the driver a ride home, and the man said he’d come back and get his snowmobile the next day. (4:38 p.m.)
6600 block of 437th St., Harris, a deputy was dispatched to the area in reference to a possible transformer fire. Upon arrival, the deputy noticed breakers at the business had been tripped, but there was no sign of fire. East Central Energy was given the pole number and asked to check into it. (10:19 p.m.)
48000 block of I-35, a deputy responded to the scene for a report of a vehicle in the ditch. There were no injuries or property damage. The driver of the vehicle was arrested for an outstanding warrant and fifth degree drug possession. (10:42 p.m.)
North Lindstrom Lake, a man told a deputy over the phone that he had been riding his snowmobile between North Lindstrom Lake and North Center Lake when he was flagged down by an older man. He said the man seemed quite agitated and told him to turn around because he was on private property. The man disputed this claim, because he was on a frozen lake, on the marked snowmobile trail. He told the deputy that the man had a hammer in his hand, and he raised it in the air and told him to leave. The man also said he saw a sawhorse out on the lake with a sign that looked like a no trespassing sign. The deputy was unable to locate any similar calls from the area, and he told the man if it happens again he should call 911 immediately. (6:50 p.m.)

Jan. 9: Nicholas Michael Hollen, 19, North Branch, contempt of court.
Jan. 10: Bryan Joseph Doten, 30, North Branch, domestic assault.
Kayla Ann Bowlin, 21, Lindstrom, theft.
Paige Louise Biljan, 23, Stacy, Felony contempt of court.
Karl Jerome Arrigoni, 23, Stacy, probation violation.
Lizabeth Jeanne Mutka, 47, Lindstrom, fifth degree assault.
Lara Kristine Vandanacker, 35, Wyoming, fifth degree drug possession-hallucinogen
Jan. 11: Quentin Reginald Garbow, 27, Rush City, fourth degree assault.
Curtis Patrick Wagner, 30, North Branch, disorderly conduct-fighting or brawling.
Jan. 12: Jeffrey Allen Dubois, 31, Wyoming, domestic assault.
Brian Lee Stromberg, 57, Stacy, driving after license cancellation-inimical to public safety.
Jan. 15: Anthony Michael Hofman, 36, North Branch, false imprisonment, domestic assault.
Fred Dale Button, 44, Pine City, possession of methamphetamine, possession-sale of small amount of marijuana, driving without proof of insurance, possession of drug paraphernalia.
Tara Jane Reichow, 31, Chisago City, contempt of court

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