Police reports

North Branch police reports major arrests and incidents that occur in the city limits. Chisago County Sheriff’s Office reports major crimes and arrests within Chisago County. The time refers to the time the incident was reported on the corresponding date.

North Branch:
Jan. 16: 5800 block of St. Croix Trl., theft of gas. (3 p.m.)
Jan. 17: Hemingway Ave., Lincoln Trl., intoxicated driver reported. (5:41 p.m.)
38000 block of 14th Ave., intoxicated driver reported at Taco Bell. (10:10 p.m.)
Jan. 18: 10th Ave., Cedar St., school bus stop arm violation. (10:49 a.m.)
Grand Ave., 378th St., suspicious activity reported — a swastika was found in the snow. (6:46 p.m.)
North Branch High School, theft reported. (5:48 p.m.)
Jan. 19: 38000 block of 14th Ave., a disturbance was reported between a man and his daughter’s boyfriend at the Taco Bell. (5:46 p.m.)
Jan. 21: 5800 block of St. Croix Trl., police responded to a report of a “drunk male acting weird” at the Holiday gas station.
Jan. 22: 39000 block of Golden Ave., fire call at Andersen Windows. (5:07 a.m.)

Chisago County:
Jan. 16: 30000 block of Regal Ave., a deputy responded to a 911 hang up call. He responded to the residence and later issued the called a citation for misuse of 911. (10:14 p.m.)
Jan. 17: St. Croix Trl., Lake Blvd., Stacy, vehicle crash; injury reported. (7:13 a.m.)
500 Block of River St., Taylors Falls, the complainant told a deputy he wanted the deputy to tell another person to stop “recording phone conversations.” The deputy relayed the request to that person and told the individual to stay away from the complainant. (11:42 p.m.)
Jan. 19: 3000 block of Forest Blvd., Stacy, a caller reported $290 in cash was taken from a vehicle in the parking lot of the Rustic Inn. (4:37 p.m.)
Jan. 20: 45000 block of Acacia Trl., Harris, theft of vehicle reported. (8:31 a.m.)
Jan. 21: Rush Lake, a man told a deputy someone had broken into his fish house and taken multiple items. The theft occurred between Jan. 19 and 10. There are no suspects at this time. (12:37 p.m.)
5800 block of Stark Road, Harris, commercial burglary; a deputy made contact with an employee who told him the cash register had been stolen with “a couple hundred bucks” in it sometime the prior evening. The deputy took photos of damage on the west door of the business where entry was gained. He also obtained video of the incident. (5:04 a.m.)
Jan. 22: 1400 block of 509th St., Rush City, criminal damage to property; a deputy met with the complainant, who showed the deputy two windows that were destroyed by a single projectile. The deputy was able to obtain multiple pieces of the projectile, possibly a .22-caliber bullet. The bullet trajectory pointed to the projectile coming from a deck located on a neighboring property. The deputy talked to the homeowners at the neighboring property, who “knew of a .22/squirrel incident.” They said they’d talk to the complainant about the damage. The deputy advised the complainant that the neighbors would speak to him and try to work out a solution. (8:48 a.m.)

Jan. 16: Mark Alan Anderson, 51, North Branch, second degree DWI.
Jan. 17: Nicholas Mark Connolly, 34, Forest Lake, motor vehicle registration – intent to escape tax, driving after license revocation, theft of motor fuel from retailer.
Michael J Vang, 30, Stacy, second degree DWI.
Adam Timothy Carr, 29, Lindstrom, fifth degree possession of a controlled substance-marijuana. Possession of drug paraphernalia.
Jan. 18: Miguel Benjamin Ibarra, 19, Rush City, underage consumption, DWI, driving after license revocation.
Scott Brendan Johnson, 31, North Branch, second degree assault with a dangerous weapon.
Joyce Christina Ballweber, 72, Chisago City, probation violation.
Jan. 19: Scott Jeffrey Zentic, 62, domestic abuse, violation of no-contact order.
Jan. 20: Michael James Nase, 29, Shafer, probation violation, receiving stolen property, failure to register as a predatory offender, possession of methamphetamine.
Shane Christoper Eckard, 41, Lindstrom, fourth degree DWI.
Melissa Madeline Zielinski, 43, Sandstone, probation violation.
Jan. 21: Michael Richard Gould, 21, Vadnais Heights, theft of motor vehicle, tamper with motor vehicle, driving after license revocation, attempt to escape custody, disorderly conduct.
Scott Daniel Carlson, 36, Wyoming, malicious punishment, domestic assault.
Jan. 22: Kayla Lanae Tauer, 26, Harris, possession of drugs-not a small amount of marijuana.

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