No, Pack, no

I have friends who are Packer fans. Some of my current and former co-workers are Packer fans. I like them, but I’ve never been able to root for their team. It just feels wrong.
So, understandably, I was thoroughly pleased when the Packers got absolutely stomped by the Atlanta Falcons in the NFC championship game Sunday. I’ll admit that I’m a Vikings fan, albeit a fair weather one, and I know what most Packer fans will say to Viking fans after the Packers get knocked out one game short of the Super Bowl: “How much playoff success has your team had?”
My friend from the Lake Winnebago area of Wisconsin sent me a text to that effect Sunday after I smack-talked him for a while: “How many NFC title games have the Vikings won?”
He thought my answer would be zero, but I had to let him know that it’s actually four — all of them being before I was born. The Vikes then went on to do something or another in the Super Bowl. Since I wasn’t alive then, I won’t recount those games.
I know the Packers have won two championships within recent memory with Favre and Rodgers, and they have 13 total league championships, but I don’t care about that right now. I only care that I won’t have to hear my co-workers whoop it up about how “great of a quarterback” Aaron Rodgers is and how fast Clay Matthews is, despite all of the wind drag his hair provides.
It will also be really nice to no longer see “Go, Pack, Go!” littering my Facebook newsfeed. Seeing that every week for the past couple of weeks has been almost as bad as viewing all the political posts from people on both sides of the aisle.
Despite not being a hardcore fan, I’ll probably watch the Vikings again next year. Each season I watch them, my expectations lessen further. Even when we were at 5-0 this season, I thought to myself: “Something doesn’t feel right. We’re going to mess this up somehow.” It’s like as a Vikings fan I’ve been conditioned to expect failure, so I don’t get that mad anymore when they lose.
It’s different for Packers fans; they still believe they’ll see a Super Bowl victory soon, because they have in the past. Subsequently, it’s a lot more entertaining to watch their reactions when the Packers choke, as opposed to observing a Vikings fan who knew the inevitable failure was coming.
Maybe a culture of ineptitude is creeping into Green Bay (I can hope, can’t I?). I’ll agree that Aaron Rodgers is one of the greatest quarterbacks ever, but how many Super Bowls has he been in? Answer: one. Tom Brady will be playing in his seventh in a few weeks.
I’m thinking Packers fans will be able to empathize soon with Vikings fans, rather than holding it over our heads that your team is so much better than ours. Maybe a few more crushing playoff losses and you’ll be there, Packer backers.

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