Responsible stewardship starts with the school board

Last week was School Board Recognition week and we honored our school board members with certificates for their service. It is a small token of the gratitude and appreciation I have for the school board each and every day.
A school board is tasked with the responsible stewardship of the school district. Responsible stewardship can take many forms; from budgetary to curricular decisions and everything in between.
Our school board faces tough decisions each and every school year. Adjusting budgets is not something anyone likes to do, but it is demanded in order to ensure North Branch Area Public Schools can continue to provide high quality educational opportunities every year. Each year, school board members pour over the volumes of information provided them by district staff, ask relevant questions, look for solutions, and ultimately approve a budget we can sustain into coming years.
School boards also shape curriculum and achievement. Our school board has shown its commitment to these areas by approving our ongoing Math Project, designed to improve math outcomes for all students, and the Balanced Literacy program, which provides students improved reading and comprehension skills, and more. Another way the school board contributes to quality educational opportunities is through its enthusiastic support for Bridging D3, the school district’s 1:1 device initiative that puts a Chromebook in the hands of all students grades K-5.
Many other opportunities, such as Project Lead the Way, Air Force JROTC (Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps), the Pro-Start culinary program, media center updates, free activities admission for high school students, and others, could not have been possible without school board support.
The current school board is comprised of Kirby Ekstrom, Tim MacMillan, Miranda Michaud, Cathie Pascavage, Darryl Goebel, and Sarah Grovender. Each has made the stewardship of our school district a high priority; serving on a school board requires a large time commitment, training, and a passion for education. Each of these members embody the highest qualities of public service.
Thank you to our school board members! The school district is better for your service and guidance in many areas.

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