Police reports

North Branch police reports major arrests and incidents that occur in the city limits. Chisago County Sheriff’s Office reports major crimes and arrests within Chisago County. The time refers to the time the incident was reported on the corresponding date.

Chisago County:
Feb. 20: 51000 block of Forest Blvd., Rush City, sometime between 11:30 a.m. and 1 p.m. someone kicked in a door and stole a GPS headset from a hangar. Also missing was a plane cover. (12:31 p.m.)
Feb. 21: 47000 block of I-35, vehicle crash, injury reported; when a deputy arrived, he located the driver, who was ejected from the vehicle and lying on the east shoulder of the road. He had no major blood loss but did sustain an open fracture of his right foot with skin missing and he was bleeding from his head. The driver had severe body trauma and a collapsed lung. He was transferred to a hospital by Lakes Region EMS. The deputy noted he detected the odor of alcohol on the driver. (4:48 a.m.)
51000 block of Forest Blvd., Rush City, vandalism complaint; someone had left deep ruts around a hangar at the airport, causing damage to the lawn. Mud was sprayed on one of the hangars. The complainant said he was going to be placing cameras in the area. (7:29 a.m.)
27000 Leah Ln., Chisago Lake Township, dispute; a deputy spoke with a man who said he received a letter in his mailbox from a neighbor in regards to his dog barking. The man said his dog does bark, but only when it sees squirrels or another animal. There had been no other complaints filed with the Sheriff’s Office regarding the man’s dogs. (4:13 p.m.)
Feb. 22: Prefer Paving, Rush City, fire call; a deputy observed smoke coming from behind the building. Upon contact, he found someone standing there who said he was just burning brush. (4:09 p.m.)
Feb. 23: 5300 block of Stacy Trl., Stacy, suspicious activity; a complainant reported to deputies he bought a sound system from a white male in his late 20s driving a black SUV. He said he was approached by the man around 12:15 p.m. that day, and he agreed to pay the man $200 for the sounds system. The man agreed and followed the complainant to the cash machine while he took the money out. The complainant was worried the sound system might be stolen. The deputy advised the man to keep an eye on his bank account to be sure it wasn’t hacked or scanned while he was taking money out. (7:49 p.m.)
52000 block of Fairfield Ave., Rushseba Twp., slumper; upon arrival, a deputy notice a vehicle parked on northbound on the southbound side of the street. He found a man in it who the deputy had trouble waking. The deputy attempted to get the man to perform field sobriety tests, but he was unable to do so. The driver was initially taken into custody, but then transported to the North Branch McDonalds and released. The driver was cited for driving after revocation. During the drive to North Branch, he told the deputy multiple times he knew that he should not have been driving. (11:46 p.m.)
Feb. 20: Jacob Dean Perry, 31, Taylors falls, second degree DWI, possession of drug paraphernalia, driving after license revocation, no proof of insurance.
Casey Renee Andrus, 25, Chisago City, probation violation.
Terrah Ann Jensen, 44, Askov, fifth degree possession of a controlled substance, no proof of insurance.
Feb. 21: Shawn Matthew Dougherty, 32, Chisago City, probation violation.
Rachelle Iola Leger, 36, Pine City, second degree DWI, refusal to submit to a chemical test.
Kristie Jean Owens, 46, St. Paul, driving after license cancellation-inimical to public safety, sale of a controlled substance, impounding reg plates, operating motor vehicle without ignition interlock.
Tracy Scott Ellefson, 51, Forest Lake, probation violation.
Feb. 22: Leann Etta Vanderschaegen, 51, Harris, probation violation.
Joseph Michael Jeanetta, 29, North St. Paul, fifth degree possession of methamphetamine, second degree burglary, receiving stolen property, forgery.
Carl Patrick Anderson, 42, Lindstrom, second degree murder.
Feb. 23: Jerrod Luke Negen, 38, Forest Lake, domestic assault-strangulation.
Chad Michael Formo, 40, Wyoming, fifth degree possession of amphetamine, fourth degree possession-sale of hallucinogen, dangerous weapon.
Feb. 24: Anthony Joseph Haugley, 30, North Branch, contempt of court.

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