Mr. President, it’s time to get your House in order

by Congressman Rick Nolan

It’s time for President Trump to put a stop to the unprecedented chaos, confusion and staff infighting that have marked his first month in office, get his house in order, and get busy on trade, infrastructure and spending priorities to put people to work in good paying jobs. And it would certainly help if he would fully cooperate with Congress and the FBI to get to the bottom of serious allegations regarding his staff’s relationships and contacts with Russia.
The President promised to put America and American workers first. Yet the simple fact is that his White House is completely preoccupied by internal chaos. We need his full attention and involvement in order to move ahead and create millions of good paying American jobs. Sooner rather than later, we need to see his plans to rebuild our transportation infrastructure, reform our trade and tax laws, fix Obama Care, and protect Social Security, Medicare, private pensions and our precious environment – just to name a few of the tasks ahead.
That said, delays in these important job-creating efforts are all but certain as Congress prepares to investigate what South Carolina Republican Senator Lindsay Graham calls “all things Russia and Trump.” The best thing the President can do now is to agree to turn these matters over to an independent investigation so he can concentrate on his campaign promises and lay the foundation for businesses to succeed and American workers to prosper.

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