Police reports

North Branch police reports major arrests and incidents that occur in the city limits. Chisago County Sheriff’s Office reports major crimes and arrests within Chisago County. The time refers to the time the incident was reported on the corresponding date.

North Branch:
Feb. 28: 38000 block of Grand Ave., stop arm violation. (7:32 a.m.)
38000 block of Egret Way, identity theft. (2:28 p.m.)
41000 block of Harder Ave., dispute; a party was not welcome at the residence anymore. (5:27 p.m.)
March 1: 38000 block of Branch Ave., theft from vehicle. (6:53 a.m.)
March 2: 5800 block of Old Main Street, theft reported at the Oak Inn. (10:54 a.m.)
March 3: 36000 block of Falcon Ave., dog bite. (8:16 p.m.)
March 5:6400 block of Main St., police responded to a call about a man refusing to leave the Pizza Pub. (8:24 p.m.)

Chisago County:
Feb. 27: 48000 block of I-35, Nessel Twp., hit-and-run crash reported. (12:48 p.m.)
51000 block of Basswood Rd. W., Stanchfield, hit-and-run crash reported; a deputy responded to the scene and gathered various parts of car. He then met with the complainant and took damage of her car. The deputy then realized he had parts of both vehicles. The woman said she sees the driver who hit her about three times a week on the road, and she believes he lives in the area. She described his vehicle as a 2005-style F350 truck, crew cab, tan in color. She said there was a man driving it, wearing sunglasses. (3:45 p.m.)
March 1: Rush Lake Rd./Shorewood Drive, Rush City, vehicle crash, no injury reported. (12:41 a.m.)
March 2: Lake Blvd./Pioneer Rd., Chisago City, hit-and-run crash reported. (5:06 p.m.)
March 3: 900 block of S. Frandsen Ave., Rush City, alarm fire. (2:56 a.m.)
13000 block of St. Croix Trl., a deputy arrived on scene to have several people tell him that a driver in the area was unresponsive in his vehicle, and the vehicle was in gear and still running. The deputy confirmed this information and deployed his baton to break the passenger window of the vehicle to gain entry to the car. Once the deputy put the vehicle in park, he removed the keys from its ignition. Then driver became conscious at this point and identified himself, but he was very incoherent. The driver was transferred to an EMS vehicle; the emergency workers noticed the odor of alcohol on the man. (6:56 a.m.)
43000 block of Elmcrest Ave., Harris, burglary; someone broke into the church through a back window. A deputy arrived, completed a property report form and took photographs of the damage. (5:58 p.m.)
March 4: 14000 block of Old Holt Ct., Chisago Lake Twp., vandalism; the complainant told a deputy someone had poured used motor oil on the ground at his property, in his trailer and on the side of his pole barn. The deputy investigated the scene and found footprints for a smaller shoe. He checked with neighbors, and no suspects were identified. The complainant had not suspects in mind. (7:11 a.m.)
51000 block of Forest Blvd., Rush City, a hangar was broken into sometime between mid-January and early March. Airplane parts and other items were taken. (4:18 p.m.)
March 5: 16000 block of Bloom Lake Rd., Shafer, criminal damage to property; a man told a deputy a woman threw a brick through the window of his car. He said he did not see the incident, but he believed the woman caused the damage. The deputy spoke to the woman in question, who said she did not commit the act. The deputy contacted the owner of the Big Game Bar, who told him he did not have any cameras watching the parking lot. (6:41 p.m.)

Feb. 27: Alicia Lynn Swinson, 29, Cambridge, driving after license revocation.
Michael Shane Mooney, 22, Pine City, burglary.
Bradley James Bistodeau, 53, Mora, fifth degree possession of a controlled substance-not a small amount of marijuana, fifth degree assault.
Jason Joseph Palme, 48, North Branch, contempt of court, fifth degree possession of a controlled substance.
Feb. 28: Kristin Kay Ingram, 28, Isanti, probation violation.
Shannon Lynn Haessig, 43, St. Paul, third degree DWI, driving after license revocation, open bottle law.
March 1: Casey Alan Degerstrom, 36, Rush City, fifth degree possession of a controlled substance-hallucinogen.
John Todd Gjerde, 51, Braham, DWI, refusal to submit to a chemical test.
Joshua Dale Rider, 22, Center City, felony contempt of court-disobey subpoena, crime of violence.
Nicole Mary Vincent, 20, North Branch, possession of a controlled substance-not a small amount of marijuana.
Linda Marie Krienke, 59, North Branch, disorderly conduct, obstructing the legal process.
Michael Allan Peck, 24, Chisago City, second degree sale of a controlled substance-hallucinogen.
March 3: Shanise Rae St. John, 21, Hinckley, contempt of court.
Joseph Michael Bloomquist, 28, Forest Lake, contempt of court.
Mark William Milton Mitchell, 29, Forest Lake, domestic abuse-violate order for protection.
March 4: Ryan Gordon Carlson, 36, Rush City, fifth degree possession of a controlled substance-marijuana.
Benjamin Levi Thorn, domestic assault-strangulation, emergency telephone calls.
Susan Lee McKay, 52, North Branch, obstructing the legal process.
Edward James McCarthy, 41, North Branch, third degree assault.
Jeffrey Lee Leibel, 50, Rush City, obstructing the legal process.
Alexander Charles Dropps, 29, Harris, contempt of court.
March 5: Nicholas Stephen-todd Lehner, 49, Stacy, domestic assault.
Shane Michael Wilson, 36, Harris, domestic assault.
Andrew Douglas Oman, 42, North Branch, kidnapping, second degree assault, domestic assault.
Christopher Ronald Grundyson, 33, Braham, first degree DWI, obstructing the legal process-interfering with a peace officer, no proof of insurance, no driver’s license in possession or failure to provide upon request.

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