Let’s get some new ideas moving forward

We have voted new members into the North Branch City Council. Hopefully, with Kirsten Kennedy continuing as our Mayor — and some new council members — we can get some new ideas moving forward. Regarding past council members sticking their nose into the council business: You need to get out of the way and let the new council do the jobs for which the members were elected. We need to say yes to a roundabout on Grand Avenue and Highway 95 and yes to a longtime business owner and large employer of this city, when it comes to their idea to relocate Central Park, to create expansion options for their operation. And this needs to happen before the old school site gets sold — and approved — for something we may like less than relocating Central Park. This would be a wonderful spot for our new park, the very spot where so many of our community members attended school years ago. It would still be a meeting place of the community, just in a different fashion. And I’m sure it would have all the amenities that our park offers now, but perhaps new, improved and operational. We need to get our heads out of the sand and recognize that this is as huge an opportunity for North Branch, as it is for this local business. We need to vote “Yes, yes and yes” for the much-needed updates and improvements for our schools. We need to start thinking outside of the box and accept options that will bring more revenue instead of these hair-brained ideas to “save money.” Let’s vow to kibosh any more poor ideas before they make it to another ballot. Let’s no longer fall for the misleading small groups of “special interests.” Stay tuned, North Branch.
Dan Peterson
North Branch

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