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Thanks to DQ, those who participated in fundraiser

On Thursday, March 23, the North Branch Dairy Queen and Sunrise River School participated in a fundraiser for Sunrise River. James at Dairy Queen gave us a generous portion of the sales. Even though I am a staff member at Sunrise, I want to write this as a community member. It was a great event to showcase a phenomenally supportive business in the area, the great students from NBAPS that work there, the Sunrise River staff and the families that came out in record numbers to support us.
I was overwhelmed by how easily James worked with the school, how tolerant and respectful his workers were and how supportive the families and customers were that purchased items that night. It did much to make me feel very proud of our community.
A big thanks to all who participated.
Vicki Klun
North Branch

Nolan fought against Trump’s health care bill


We are lucky our 8th District Congressman, Rick Nolan, fought against Trump’s American Heath Care bill and the devastation it would have caused to millions of Americans. A bill that, according to the MN Department of Health and Human Services, would have caused about 1.2 million low-income Minnesotans — including children, seniors and people with disabilities — to face significant cuts in coverage or a loss of coverage altogether. Minnesota would have lost billions of dollars in federal funding, had the bill passed.

The AHCA would have also significantly reduced federal spending on Medicaid by establishing per capita caps (i.e. capping the amount of funding per enrollee), ending the enhanced federal funds that help states cover adults who are eligible for the Medicaid expansion, and eliminating federal funding for MinnesotaCare. Medical Assistance (MA), Minnesota’s Medicaid program, covers more than one million people, one in every five Minnesotans. MinnesotaCare provides low-cost coverage to about 100,000 Minnesotans who earn too much to qualify for Medicaid but not enough to afford health insurance in the private market. The cuts in funding to MA and MinnesotaCare would have been used to pay for tax breaks for corporations, health insurers and drug companies while our most vulnerable residents would lose.
Congressman Nolan on the House floor called for Congress to fix the problems with the Affordable Care Act. The Republicans have had plenty of time to think about it. They brought it’s repeal up for a vote around 60 times. Think where we could be if they had put that energy in to finding actual solutions!
Greg Combs
North Branch

How much will property taxes drop if referendum is voted down?

Regarding the May 23 school bond referendum, last week’s NBAPS community wide mailing, together with the supporting website materials (www.isd138.org/referendum), begs the question: How much will our property taxes drop if question No. 1 of the referendum is voted down?
The Dec. 15, 2016, County Press write-up on the referendum noted “Question No. 1 debt can be ‘back-filled’ into existing payments the district is retiring due to older debt being paid-off.”
Publication of the amount of this property tax drop (because of old debt being paid-off) would be most helpful in terms of both full disclosure and assisting the decision to vote up or down.
David Hardin
Lent Township

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