Pursing leadership and service

By Teresa Dupre

Teresa Dupre
Rush City School District Superintendent Teresa Dupre.

It appears that spring is truly here and we are hopeful this lovely weather will sustain us through the last quarter of the 2016 – 2017 school year.
The final quarter began for our students and staff on Monday April 3. Even though spring is in the air, rest assured our classrooms continue to be very busy and productive places of learning and growth.
Hopefully you have had the chance to read the spring edition of the Rush City Schools newsletter that was sent to you online as well as in hard copy. The edition includes all of the spring sports schedules as well drama and music events. You will definitely want to put April 29 or 30 on your calendar, as Rush City students will be performing Little Women!
It is always such a pleasure to share news about our amazing students! WE are proud to share the results of the elementary-student-council-led food shelf coin drive and a new service project at the high school initiated by our environmental science students, which will have global impacts.
Although this event may not have global impacts, it sure was a nice service from our junior class students organize and coordinate the Sadie Hawkins dance that took place last night for our grade 7–9 students.
Another example of student-led initiatives includes the successful blood drive executed by our senior high student council members last Wednesday.
To all of our student leaders, thank you for helping make our world a better place!
Service leadership is learned. Our students are learning these attributes from our wonderful teachers, staff, and coaches, yet they are also learning from the examples they see from you as parents and community members. One of the things that makes Rush City such a unique place to learn and grow is the ongoing support of our young people and your commitment to volunteer service in so many ways. We are very proud to partner with you as we continue to provide many different avenues for our students to pursue leadership and service.

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