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‘Neu not a friend of public education’

Our new State House Member for 32B, Anne Neu, has started her legislative career by putting her foot in her mouth. She stated that she represents the district with the highest property taxes in the state. This is not factual and is harmful to our schools as they are seeking bond referendums for new space and updating current buildings.
Representative Neu campaigned as a widowed, home school mother and concerned about our district and state. She may be these things, but she is also a well-informed political operator having managed Chip Cravvack’s campaign for the U. S. Congress and on a U.S. Senate race where she claims she raised millions of dollars for her candidate. She was also the executive director of the Minnesota Republican House Campaign Committee.
My only conclusion is she made this statement as an attention getter for herself, fully knowing she was making a false statement! It would be worse of course if she made that statement not knowing if it were true or not. Either way she should be working for equitable funding for our school districts and support for the students that attend them, rather than the statement on her campaign website where she stated she’ll fight for school choice every day.
In my opinion, our new state representative is not a friend of public education, where probably over 90 percent of our students attend school. We have many unique public school options to serve our students and she should support those and be aware of how her statements may negatively influence her constituents’ children.
Marie Noe

Current federal budget will hurt the Eighth Congressional District

On March 13, President Trump proposed a federal “skinny” budget that seeks deep cuts and even elimination of some federal programs. The people of the eighth congressional district should know that these cuts will affect many communities throughout Northern, Central, and East-Central Minnesota substantially.
This budget focuses some of its deepest cuts on the Environmental Protection Agency. The proposed 31 percent cut to the EPA would immediately eliminate over 3,000 jobs. Trying to stretch a significantly smaller federal budget would put our lakes and rivers in jeopardy—and in turn, many jobs created by tourism.
Health and Human Services would be reduced by 18 percent. This $15 billion cut focuses on essential funding for research and anti-poverty programs. Almost a third of this cut results from the elimination of the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program, the Community Service Block Grant, and other community-betterment programs that focus on helping those in poverty.
I firmly believe that we need to be constantly looking for ways to reduce governmental cost, whether its local government or federal government. However, I feel the administration’s mean-spirited assault on the lives of less fortunate among us, as well as essentially a declaration of war against our environment, goes too far and needs to be challenged at every turn.
If this budget passes as-is, we will see communities like ours struggle to help folks in need. Our Congressman Rick Nolan continues to speak out against these harmful cuts, and intends to continue the fight against the current administration’s plans to hurt our citizens and our quality of life. Our communities need these federal funds and the services they provide, and Rick Nolan understands that. I’m proud to call Rick Nolan my congressman.

Emil M. Dahlberg
North Branch

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