Eleventh grade ACT test coming up

All 11th grade students at North Branch Area Public Schools will take the ACT test Wednesday, April 19, both at the North Branch Area Education Center and at Trinity Lutheran Church.
The ACT is a nation-wide college admissions test. English, mathematics, reading and science are assessed through multiple choice questions. The ACT writing component requires students to write an essay in response to a prompt. The ACT test helps students by identifying academic strengths and areas for growth, suggesting potential careers that match interests, and assisting in 12th grade coursework selection as well as post-secondary choices.
Students taking the exam could be eligible for score-based scholarships and can send test results to as many as four colleges for free.
The April 19 ACT test for 11th grade students are paid for by the State of Minnesota. Students wishing to take the assessment again may register and pay through ACT (www.actstudent.org).
Here are some helpful tips for students taking the exam:
•Strive for a good night’s rest, at least 8 hours of sleep.
•Eat a healthy breakfast.
•Bring a healthy snack for break time.
•Remember to bring a lunch from home if a school bag lunch was not ordered.
•Bring a permitted calculator for use on the ACT mathematics test only.
•Bring student photo identification.
Dress weather appropriate. Students will be walking from the high school to either Trinity Lutheran Church or the North Branch Area Education Center to complete the ACT with Writing assessment.
Make every effort not to schedule appointments for April 19.
Anyone with questions about the ACT test can contact the Office of Teaching and Learning at 651-674-1050.

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