Company hosts Medicare class at NB Senior Center

By Amy Doeun

Contributing Writer
Mary T. Inc. was founded in 1976 by Mary Tjosvold and her mother Margaret.
Randy Leja, of Mary T., said the mother and daughter duo saw “the need for people with developmental disabilities and brain injuries have care provided for them – at that point in time, there really wasn’t appropriate care for them.”
Leja said they would often be sent to nursing-home-type situations. So the company began to provide much-needed services and fill a gap in the community. The Camila Rose Care Center was founded at that time.
Over the years, the company has expanded.
“It is really a continuum of care that we offer,” Leja said.
That care is through 35 group homes, home health care services in both North Branch and Coon Rapids, assisted living facilities and rental properties for independent living. In addition to locations in Minnesota, the company also serves communities in Maryland and Arizona.
“It is about meeting the needs of people,” Leja said. “We also provide hospice services.”
Their vision is to “enhance lives by uniquely blending rental communities, assisted living programs, supported living programs, home health, and hospice services,” Leja said.
They also provide classes as a community service. They try to do one training per month on a variety of topics.
On April 11, they hosted a class with the Senior Linkage Line at the North Branch Senior Center. They arranged to have Amy Tvedt, a licensed social worker and advocate for seniors, speak to those gathered about Medicare part A, B, C and D in addition to supplemental insurance and how to report Medicare fraud.
The two-hour class on Medicare provided a variety of information. Leja said unfortunately many people don’t get the information until they need it. He noted that looking before that time is a good idea.
“The more you can get prepared in advance the better your options,” Leja said. “If you find a private insurance that meets your needs, you can go with that. It is about your health and your needs. There are different ways and prices. Medicare isn’t free, that is a misconception. Amy provided a lot of information for people to read, and as it starts to sink in more questions will come up.”
Leja went on to say that Tvedt recommends taking the class more than once and planning early.
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