Congress must assert its role in Syria

By Congressman Rick Nolan

Rick Nolan
Rick Nolan

By ordering airstrikes against the Syrian regime in response to its horrific use of chemical weapons, President Trump has moved America deeper into the Syrian conflict.
Make no mistake — as I pointed out back in 2013 when U.S. involvement in Syria was escalating under President Obama, a military attack against another country is an act of war. And regardless of how good or compelling the reasons may be, a declaration of war is a Constitutional responsibility assigned to the Congress – not the president’s alone. Military attacks against other nations have consequences. And the founders were very clear in not wanting to give presidents unilateral authority to make these grave decisions.
Speaker Ryan has a profound obligation to immediately reconvene the Congress so we can fully debate and vote on this matter. And President Trump has an equally profound and important obligation to present us with a clear plan of objectives for this escalation.

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