Congressman Rick Nolan: ‘Process really matters’

Congressman Rick Nolan
Congressman Rick Nolan

Congressman Rick Nolan held a listening session and encouraged questions and concerns from his constituents April 18 at the Chisago County Government Center,
“Quite frankly, I get my best ideas from my constituents that I’m privileged to represent,” Nolan said.
Nolan laid out the challenges coming in the coming months. With an annual $4 trillion budget, he stressed that process really matters.
“We’ve got to get back to open rules because that’s where we find common ground and how we fix things,” he said. “This idea of spending trillions of dollars overseas as so-called nation building is just a fundamental mistake that this country is making.”
Center City Mayor Larry Houger welcomed Nolan, and asked if Nolan could put in a good word in to Gov. Mark Dayton for some transportation money to fix the local roads.
“The federal budget is an acknowledgment of what their priorities are,” Nolan said. “President Trump has called for a pretty dramatic increase in defense spending and a reduction in domestic spending. To be exact, the President called for a 33 percent increase in defense spending for the remainder of this year and a $18 billion reduction in domestic.”
North Branch City Administrator Renae Fry said North Branch police officers have fielded three times as many calls this year, compared to last year relating to domestic matters.
“Some of them are drug related, emotional health related or financial despair,” she said. “All of this is coming to bear down on our law enforcement agencies, and at the local community level we simply cannot afford to double or triple the police force to meet that need.”
Fry also wants to make sure community cuts do not happen, and that there will be more investment in programs that are needed to continue the growth and prosperity for an economically viable community.
“People want to live and raise their families in quality communities,” Nolan said. “You create good paying jobs in the building of infrastructure and lay the foundation of creating even more jobs.”
Nolan applauded all of the city, county and municipal officials and called them “un-sung” heroes in American government and politics.
“If anyone in any municipality is seeking funding to help with their basic infrastructure, we want to get involved,” he said.

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