RC School Board approves change to high school staffing

At the Rush City School Board meeting April 20, Rush City High School Principal Brent Stavig proposed a necessary staff change.
The school would reduce one full-time-equivalent position in physical education, add a position in another area of the school, and also address the following intended outcomes:
• Better align electives with students needs and interests.
• Provide more elective options.
• Reduce the size of study halls.
• Assist in lowering core class sizes.
The board unanimously approved his proposed changes.
“High school students recently registered for next year’s courses, and we noticed some concern about the phy ed class enrollment,” Stavig said. “There were only 18 requests for PE electives, and that’s a very low enrollment.”
Rationale for change is based on these low numbers for physical education, little or no fees for sports, and that enrollment in core electives has increased.
“We’ve talked over the years of possibly adding a family consumer science elective,” Stavig said. “The idea would be nutrition, child development, family dynamics, interior design, retail or maybe a school store.”
Stavig said the most likely avenue would be to go with a person who is licensed in math so class sizes could be reduced and the school could offer electives in personal finance.
“We want to appeal to our students’ interests,” he said.
Math and English class sizes are large at the high school, and the board would like to see those numbers go down. Superintendent Teresa Dupre recommended the board support the staff change.
“We need to make sure in the solution that you’re addressing those class sizes when we also understand that you need a little flexibility of what that combination will look like,” Dupre said. “A family consumer science class taught by a math teacher will give the students a math credit.”
Time constraints consisted of the administration finalizing its master schedule and the guidance office scheduling students and level class sizes. Also, regarding the hiring process, the board agreed the sooner, the better.
“If we can address even a portion of the math part of it, we can show our staff and our students that we did cut, but we did listen to what you were saying,” Board Member Scott Tyron said. “We are trying to make an effort to benefit all the kids, and the staff.”

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