NB motor sports business thriving

East Central Sports owner Mac Johnston and salesman David Allerton at the North Branch store.
Photo by Noelle Olson

East Central Sports was named the No. 1 SSR dealer in the country for 2016.
Mac Johnston has owned the building in North Branch since August 2015. Since then, his business has been very successful.
“We were No. 3 in the country in sales in 2015, and things are going well so far this year,” Johnston said.
He originally started selling mopeds. Then his business took off when he began offering four-wheelers, pit bikes, side by sides and go carts. He also sells snowmobiles and accessories.
“I went into this business because I figured there was a niche for it and it’s affordable for people,” he said. “We are completely honest with our customers.”
Besides the store in North Branch, they have one at the Burnsville Mall and one in Kent, Ohio. The biggest sellers are four-wheelers and pit bikes.
“We stand behind our products,” Allerton said. “We have mechanics that know the inside and outside of these machines.”
Johnston believes in giving back to the community. He sponsors three softball teams, a couple of race cars for demolition derbies and snowmobiles for water cross racing. Also, his business donates to many charitable benefits around the state.
“I donate because it’s the right thing to do when people go through hard times,” Johnson said.
Last year, salesman David Allerton came up with “A Christmas Wish,” where the company, in conjunction with other local companies, donated vehicles to a family who has been through tough times. In December 2016, the company donated two four-wheelers and two pit bikes to a family with four children; the husband in the family had died from cancer.
“They had no idea we were coming. We put Christmas bows on them and walked up to house. It was very emotional,” Johnston said.
The company posted a video on Facebook of the Christmas Wish, and it has been viewed over 67,000 times.
The last three years they have stayed open on Thanksgiving for 23 hours, and that has been successful for the business. Also, the company has a booth at the Hay Days event held in North Branch in September.
“I brought out about 150 to 200 machines to Hay Days last year, and I think we sold 75 to 80 machines,” Johnston said.
Johnston grew up in Rush City and currently lives in Rock Creek with his wife, Megan, and 6-month-old daughter, Avery.
“Customer service is a big key to our success,” he said. “Hard work pays off, and being honest with people is what my dad has taught me throughout the years.”

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