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Open letter to the
North Branch School Board


To the reader of this letter I apologize in advance for the amount of detail to be digested, and to the editor for its length. The problem is that to understand what is going on here you have to get down into the weeds, and the weeds are deep and thick.
Regarding the May 23 school bond referendum, we (the voters) need from you (the Board) a district-wide mailing showing a tabulation containing 100 different dollar amounts.
This tabulation should be a list of 20 typical property values (residential) ranging from $50,000 to $1,000,000 and showing, for each of these 20 typical property values (residential) listed, four corresponding amounts: 1) the property tax increase for a successful question one, 2) the property tax increase for a successful question two, 3) the property tax increase for a successful question three and, lastly, 4) the property tax decrease if question one fails.
Between my Letter to the Editor five weeks ago and now, I sense a reluctance by you (the Board) to disclose this level of detail. But the voters need this level of detail to assist in their decision to vote up or down. And I’m sure you will agree that a district-wide mailing informs far better than a website update.

David Hardin
Lent Township

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