Events coming up that support students and community

There are two events coming up at North Branch Area Public Schools that have a direct impact on students, families, and the community as a whole.
The first is Detention Debut, an annual variety show organized by the North Branch Education Association. Staff district wide will give their time to provide skits, laughs, music, and general entertainment this Friday, May 5, at 7 p.m. in the Edelstein Auditorium at the high school. Tickets are $5 and on sale now at all district sites.
Staff volunteer for this event in a variety of ways. Some will take the stage and put their talents on display for a good cause. Others will donate time and/or money to put together silent auction baskets. Still more will staff the event and work behind the scenes to ensure success!
Proceeds from the event will be used by the NBEA to provide scholarships for graduating seniors who wish to pursue their education in some way after high school. As a district we are honored to host an event like this each year and are deeply grateful of the staff who work hard to provide the opportunity!
On May 19 students and staff will be in the communities we serve making a difference, weather allowing! It’s hard to believe that Community Service Day has been an annual event for almost a decade, but it’s true! Over the years NBAPS has performed innumerable spring service projects from Harris to Stacy, and North Branch to Almelund. As well as park and roadside cleanup, students perform for senior citizens at both Ecumen and the Chisago County Senior Center, wash windows at public buildings, and much more.
North Branch Area Public Schools is proud to partner with teachers and our communities toward strengthening community pride and making a brighter future for all of our residents.

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