Man named ‘President Pimping’ allegedly flees from authorities

A Shafer man who goes by the name President Pimping Austin allegedly violated terms of his supervised release April 26; he tried to flee from authorities and was subsequently shocked with a stun gun.
Austin, 25, was sentenced in July 2013 to six years in prison for domestic assault and malicious punishment of a child for whipping his young son with a TV cord, according to multiple news reports. He was living in St. Paul at the time.
According to a criminal complaint, a nurse at Children’s Hospital in St. Paul reported in December 2012 that Austin’s two children — ages 4 and 2 — showed evidence of abuse.
The children had been taken to the hospital by their grandmother, who suspected as much, according to a report from WCCO. Police said the 2-year-old had suffered whipping injuries to his buttocks, legs, stomach and genitals.
An investigation led officers to the children’s mother, who had a restraining order against Austin. She told officers she’d just been attacked by Austin, who punched and kicked her all over after demanding to see her cellphone. He thought she was talking with another man.
Washington County Judge Ellen Maas gave Austin the maximum sentence for maliciously punishing a child and added a consecutive sentence for the domestic abuse charge.
Chisago County Attorney Janet Reiter said Austin was being supervised by the Department of Corrections, and an agent had asked the Chisago County Sheriff’s Office to respond and assist in taking him into custody April 26 for allegedly violating conditions related to his supervised release.
“At that time, he ran from deputies,” Reiter wrote in an email. “As a result, he was charged with obstructing the legal process. He pleaded guilty to that misdemeanor offense when he appeared in court 27. However, when being transported back to the jail from the Chisago County Government Center, he attempted to run from bailiffs.”
Bail was set at $50,000 for unconditional release or $10,000 with conditions that he remain law abiding, not use or possess controlled substances, take medications only as prescribed and remain law abiding. His next court date is May 10.
According to the criminal complaint:
On April 26, Austin had been arrested for an active DOC warrant for an alleged violation of his supervised release stemming from a prison sentence: felony domestic assault and felony malicious punishment of a child under the age of 4. During the course of arrest for this DOC warrant, Austin obstructed legal process and fled from law enforcement.
Austin appeared in court again April 27 on the misdemeanor obstruction charge. At the conclusion of the hearing, Austin was reminded of his active DOC warrant.
A bailiff escorted Austin and other inmates out of the courtroom. The bailiff took Austin out of the exit to the awaiting transport van. While walking, Austin attempted to slow his steps and walk behind the bailiff. The sliding door of the transport van was opened. Austin then attempted to go to the other side of the van. The bailiff corrected him. Austin did not correct his course.
Austin kept walking and quickly took off in a sprint. The bailiff ordered Austin to stop or a stun gun would be used. Austin kept running for approximately 30 feet. He was shot with a stun gun. Austin quickly went to the ground and said, “OK, I give up, I won’t run again.”
Several Chisago County law enforcement officers responded. The other inmates were transported to the Chisago County jail.
A Chisago County Sheriff’s Office sergeant transported Austin to the jail. The sergeant did not note any injuries on Austin. The sergeant read Austin his Miranda Rights. Austin did not wish to give a statement.
After leaving the jail, the sergeant was asked to return to the government center in regard to some damage to the holding cell. A captain at the jail showed the sergeant video from Austin’s time in the holding cell.
The video shows Austin removing a screw from a chair and then using it to scrape at the window on the door. There also was a pen broken and ink rubbed on the door. A damage estimate was obtained resulting in approximately $40 in damage.
Austin’s criminal record dates back to 2010, when he was convicted of misdemeanor domestic assault. Since that time, Austin has been convicted of felony domestic assault for two separate incidents in 2010, a felony in 2011 for violating a no-contact order, and a felony in 2012 for domestic assault.

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