Rush City street improvements for Brookside in progress

A public hearing was held at the Rush City Council meeting May 8 regarding the Brookside first addition and townhouse addition street improvements.
“If you live out there, you know the streets were never completed, just the first layer of blacktop was put on,” City Administrator Amy Mell said.
The estimated cost for these improvements is $790,000. Residents within the area will be assessed $1,000 per townhome lot and $2,000 per single home lot.
The council agreed to proceed with the improvements by a unanimous vote.
City engineer Greg Anderson explained the council asked him to put together a feasibility report for the project.
“This report includes reclaiming the pavement, spot curb repairs, and a new layer of blacktop to get it up to the level that it should have been done originally,” he said. “We will go through and identify what should come out and what will stay.”
Resident Dave Holm asked if there was any state funding available to help with the project.
“To get state or federal money, it has to be something that would impact the whole area,” replied Mayor Dan Dahlberg. “This project is limited to one neighborhood.”
Mell explained the estimated timeline for the project is to advertise for bids in June and hopefully award the bids by the end of June or early July. Then construction can begin and finish, so the council will know what those final costs are. After that, there will be another assessment hearing to make those numbers final.
“Be optimistic that this is not going to be above the estimation cost at all,” Council Member Michael Louzek told the residents.
Council Member Al Hoffman echoed that assertion.
“Nobody likes to see more costs, but I think the end result for all of you will be worth it,” he said. “The street will finally be finished, and it will look like a street instead of crater-filled potholes, and the city will maintain it.”

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