Everybody wins on Community Service Day

Last Friday the school district held its annual community service day, and I am so proud of students and staff.
Community service day began almost a decade ago and over that time has become a tradition many rely upon in their efforts to prepare our communities for summer.
This year, students and staff performed spring clean-up tasks in a variety of places. There was road clean-up along Flink Avenue, Highway 95 east of Grand Avenue. and on County Road 14 east of the middle school. Windows were washed at the public library, City Hall, and the fire department, and garbage enclosures across the city received fresh coats of paint.
Speaking of painting, all the picnic tables at Central Park received a fresh coat, as did many of the city snowplow blades.
Students visited with, and entertained, our area senior citizens at Ecumen, Gracewood, and the senior dining site.
In Stacy, there was clean-up at the Lions Park and Doyle Fields.
There was also many in-house projects as well. Sunrise students made bookmarks for classmates to receive when checking out books from the media center, appreciation cards for students with good attendance, repairs to Sunrise carnival materials, welcome cards for visitors, donations to the Humane Society, and more. Middle school students hung red ribbons across the district as part of their “We R RED” campaign. Farm to table gardens were prepared for the summer growing months.
I apologize if I missed any here, but there were so many projects happening last Friday it would be impossible to note them all here.
Community service day teaches students about the importance of helping out in their communities. It teaches them pride in where they live and reminds them there is a world beyond school walls. Our communities, in turn, have the opportunity to see the youth it has produced in action: kind, caring, polite, hard-working, generous, enthusiastic, and proud of the people and places that support their education every day.
Thank you to all who partner with us to provide this valuable “win-win” experience for students.

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