Fulcher, Fleischharker to attend Legion ‘State’ programs

Representing the Legion Auxiliary, Clarice Stream, Girls State coordination (right), and Dennis Pederson, adjutant for American Legion Post 93 (left), congratulate Sydney Fulcher and Chad Fleischharker.
Photo supplied

This year’s Boys and Girls State is honoring a long-time member of Post 93, Robert Booth, who died this past year.
Each year, the American Legion Auxiliary and Rush City Post 93 chooses a junior girl and boy from Rush City High School to attend American Legion Girls State and Boys State. This year, they chose Sydney Fulcher for Girls State and Chad Fleischhacker for Boys State.
Girls State Legion Auxiliary program and Boys State Legion program are practical applications of Americanism and good citizenship. The purpose of these programs are to provide citizenship training for students in the their junior year of high school and to inform them about the duties, privileges, rights and responsibilities of American citizenship to understand and participate in the functioning of their government and to help them grasp the meaning of some of the responsibilities that they must assume when the become adults.
They will learn government by living it in mythical cities, counties and state. They campaign for office and elect their own officials to govern. They will meet new friends from around the state.
Minnesota Girls State will be held on the campus of St. Thomas University in St. Paul in June.
The Boys State program is held on the campus of St. John’s University in Collegeville, also in June.

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