Local youth ‘Run Wild’ at Wild River 5K

By Amy Doeun

Participants of the Run Wild 5K get in their best running stances for the start of the race.
Photo by Amy Doeun

Wild River State Park was filled with 4-H youngsters from Chisago County June 3.
The Run Wild 5K is in its second year. As the organizers of the race began to look at fundraising options, they wanted to continue to promote the tenets the 4-H was founded under — head, hands, heart and health. Health took center stage through the 5K fundraiser.
Each of the clubs in the county participated by competing to see which club would have the most participants. The Northern Lights club exceeded all other clubs. But as the race began, it was apparent that the clubs formed one organization.
The first event of the day was the youth fun run. About 15 children participated in a much shorter race. Little Odyn Fox had trouble remembering he was racing; shortly after the start of the race he veered off course to say hello to some visiting dogs. Then again shortly before the finish line he went off course again. Mother Lisa said he had not run off course too many times, but he did have a couple spills. However, it didn’t dampen Odyn’s mood.
After the youngsters had their fun and received their prizes (all participants received a ribbon) the 5K run and walk began. While there were racers who were hoping to do a 20-minute 5K, there were others, including Lisa Fox with Odyn now in a stroller, who were more interested in a leisurely walk through the park. The dogs that Odyn stopped to say hello to came along on that walk.
The course changed a little from last year due to high water in the area. There were some youngsters from the fun run already eagerly planning to           participate in next year’s 5K.

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