Storm damage at Sunrise

By Deb Henton

Supt. Deb Henton

In the early morning hours of Wednesday, June 14, the storm that blew through North Branch and surrounding areas, damaging homes and property, also did some damage to the Sunrise River School.
Straight line winds from the west caused some roof flashing to come loose on the building and subsequent damage was caused by the flying pieces of metal. Damage to the building included the flashing itself, a couple of shattered windows, and damage to boiler and hood stacks on the roof. Aside from the structure itself, there is also some tree damage at the site.
The damage was discovered by Maintenance Technician Mark Billick, who responded to a door alarm in the middle of the night that turned out to be caused by the storm winds rattling the doors.
Director of Maintenance and Grounds Mike Johnson was on the phone right away the next morning, contacting the school district’s insurance provider and contractors. As of last Thursday, contractors have already been on sight to assess the damage, make any needed temporary repairs, and are getting to work restoring Sunrise to its condition prior to Wednesday morning’s storm.
The windows and flashing will be replaced as will the affected roof stacks, and repairs are expected to be complete in the next 30 days. There are a couple of hurdles to jump along the way; the color on replacement flashing must match the existing flashing and this has been a challenge thus far. Also, the glass must be ordered and, unlike the majority of repairs that will be completed soon, will not be replaced until August 18.
Thanks to Mark, who discovered the damage early enough that further damage was prevented, and to Mike, who has been working toward returning the facility to its original condition since we learned of the damage.

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