Letters From Readers

Give candy; don’t throw it

to the editor
I participated in the North Branch Midsummer Parade Sunday when about eight little kids rushed into the street to grab candy. I about had a heart attack. I screamed, “Get back…get back,” but their parents (?) seemed unconcerned.
I thought it’s a general rule in all local parades to walk and GIVE candy to children…not to throw it.
If it isn’t a rule, it certainly should be!
Twyla Ring
North Branch

Commissioner Walker offers thanks for outpouring of support

to the editor
Many of you are aware that I was in a tragic car accident in early March. I had multiple major surgeries over the first three months. Healing from injuries has regrettably prevented me from being at home and work.
I was assured by our county administrator that staff and commissioners were fielding questions and providing assistance to residents in the district. I trust you have been well taken care of and I thank our capable staff and my colleagues on the board for their help during this difficult time.
While my progress has been challenging, I improve with each passing day. The focus now is on rehabilitation. I look forward to resuming duties and actively representing constituents in the very near future. I thank you for your patience.
You may be wondering why I have not availed myself of the option to participate in board meetings through video-teleconferencing which commissioners have been known to do. I began inquiring about this possibility for the May board meetings.
State law requires notice of the physical location where a commissioner would participate on-camera to be published twice in the weekly papers prior to the meeting. A location must be confirmed almost 2-1/2 weeks ahead of time. At the direction of medical personnel, my care has alternated among locations five times over recent months, so advance notice has not been possible.
My family and I are truly blessed with the friendship of so many caring people in our community. Please accept my sincere thank you for your outpouring of concern, support and prayers during my recovery.

Lora Walker
Chisago County, District 1

Thank you for voting yes on referendum

to the editor
On behalf of the 2017 Referendum Citizens’ Committee (Vote Yes), we would like to say thank you North Branch and surrounding communities! By voting yes to all three questions, you have given all of our children the opportunity to learn and grow in updated and safe facilities, to be proud of their school and the ability to participate and excel in their academic and athletic careers.
No one wants to see an increase to their taxes, but we have proven to the children/students that they, and their futures, matter. Hopefully, this historic event will give the North Branch area a boost. If we truly want to decrease our taxes, we need to attract new business and families to our communities. The passing of this referendum is a great start!
We also want to thank the many school district employees, local and regional union members and the community volunteers who gave their time and talents (after business hours) to help us share Referendum information. The main purpose of our committee was to ensure voters had the information they needed in order to make an informed decision on May 23.
The Vote Yes committee is independent of the school district; however, we want the community to know just how much volunteer time the administration gave us, especially Superintendent Henton. There were several evenings of phone calling, a weekend in the rain knocking on doors and stopping by all our events. Dr. Henton is absolutely invested in helping the North Branch Area Public School District and the surrounding communities to be the best they can be.
Passing the referendum is the ultimate “pay it forward.” We have honored our community and our children for generations to come. Again, we thank you North Branch and surrounding communities!

Citizens for NBAPS
Barb Hensch Chair

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