What goes on at the schools over the summer?

It is quite common for year-round district staff to hear this question when school is not in session: Do things slow down over the summer?
Summer is actually a very busy time at North Branch Area Public Schools.
Right now, our incredible custodial staff is in the process of thoroughly cleaning every piece of furniture, every locker, and every carpet at every site; refinishing floors, grooming fields and performing dozens of other tasks to get ready for families in September. Those of you who have had the opportunity to see our buildings and grounds just prior to school starting know what a remarkable job our staff does creating a clean and safe environment for learning.
The technology department is preparing thousands of Chromebooks for another school year, as well as maintaining and repairing myriad other devices in the school district.
The department of teaching and learning is busy preparing curriculum, organizing staff development, and conducting training for staff on new technologies to the school district.
The staff at the transportation department is preparing bus lists and routes for the upcoming school year.
Of course, some staff will care for those students in the district for programming over the summer as well. The district’s partners, Therapeutic Services Agency, continues to serve students with mental health needs at the North Branch Area Education Center. School Age Care staff provides child care for the community all summer long.
Though students are able to leave school in June and put it behind them until August, the business of running NBAPS is year-round. Many decisions have to be made and preparations completed so that students can walk through the doors in September with the peace of mind that comes from knowing our school district is clean, organized, and excited to receive them.

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