Police Reports

North Branch police reports major arrests and incidents that occur in the city limits. Chisago County Sheriff’s Office reports major crimes and arrests within Chisago County. The time refers to the time the incident was reported on the corresponding date.

North Branch:
June 26: 6300 block of Main St., vandalism (not in progress) at Clear Creek Dental. (7:43 a.m.)
June 27: 885000 block Tanger Dr., a theft (not in progress) was reported at the Tanger parking lot. (4:52 p.m.) June 28: 3800 block of 2nd Ave., a crash-hit and run was reported. (9:29 p.m.)
June 30: 38000 block of 12th Ave., theft (not in progress). (11:36a.m.)
July 1: Harder Ave./410th St., theft from vehicle. (12:10 p.m.)
July 1: 7500 block of 397th St., theft of a gun was reported. (3:54 p.m.)
July 2: 58700 block of Forest Blvd., theft of a motorcycle (not in progress) was reported at St. Gregory’s Catholic Church. (11:32 a.m.)
Chisago County:
July 3: 51000 block of Rush Lake Trail, N.E., Rush City, theft of vehicle (not in progress). The complainant’s vehicle was taken by her son overnight while they were camping. The Inver Grove Heights PD was looking for the vehicle after a shoplifting incident occurred in which the complainant’s vehicle was seen leaving the parking lot. The deputy obtained a stolen report from her and had dispatch enter it as stolen. (12:20 a.m.)
July 4: 12700 block of Stevens Creek Landing, Rush City, theft (not in progress). A deputy met with the complainant who stated he had a large Cabela’s bag full of fly fishing gear and other items stolen from his boat while he was in the restroom. He stated he spoke with an officer at some point either before or after the theft, but did not notice it until later. The deputy provided him with a property report, which he explained to him, and an envelope. The deputy attempted to call his iPhone which appeared to be turned off. (8:56 a.m.)
July 5: 8500 block of 243rd St., Chisago City, vandalism (not in progress). A deputy called and spoke to the complainant who advised that sometime the previous night someone put a large firecracker of some sort in his mailbox and blew it up. The complainant stated he had no idea who did it, and they have never had any problems before. The complainant advised he had already cleaned things up and did not want a deputy to respond. He advised he just wanted the incident documented. (6:59 a.m.)
July 6: Park Trail/Wild Mountain Road, Almelund, crash with a personal injury. A deputy responded to a location for a single vehicle crash involving injuries. The deputy arrived on the scene after other deputies, Almelund fire fighters and first responders. A deputy assisted with gathering the driver’s information. The driver stated that they were traveling home from Wild Mountain and was traveling around 60 mph. The driver stated that the sun was in her eyes as it was low in the sky. She stated that she could not see the road and did not see the stop sign or the T intersection. The vehicle went straight through the intersection and hit a tree which was approximately 20 yards off of the roadway, After the collision, all occupants were able to exit the vehicle prior to it starting on fire. The fire department was able to get the fire out prior to the entire vehicle starting on fire. All occupants were wearing their seat belts and were transported by ambulance to Regions for their injuries. PLC Towing arrived on the scene to tow the vehicle. (7:17 p.m.)
July 8: 700 block of River St., Taylors Falls, burglary-residential (not in progress). The complainant found a storm glass window pane broken on the back door of the home that faces Hazel Ally. The storm door also had it’s handle missing. The solid wood main door was locked and secured and no one gained entry. It is believed the damaged happened within the last week. No other damage was found. (3:30 p.m.)
July 8: 48000 block of River Rd., Rush City, fireworks complaint. A deputy checked the area and was not able to hear any fireworks. There was no actual address given.
A short time later, the complainant called back and stated her horses had gotten spooked and crashed through her fence. She then went to the address and spoke with the homeowner. They didn’t really care since they had a large party. The deputy then went to that address she mentioned. He noticed a lot of vehicles, campers, and tents, along with numerous beer cans scattered. After ringing the door bell and knocking for a long period of time, the homeowner did answer. He was advised of the complaint. He stated the complainant came there earlier and caused a scene over the horses being scared by the fireworks. At that point, he stopped shooting the fireworks. The deputy called the complainant back and advised her that he spoke with the homeowner over the firework issue. Another deputy assisted for officer safety. (10:54 p.m.)
July 4: Samuel Clayton Lewis, 28, Wyoming, threats of violence, damage to property, obstruction of legal process, domestic assault-misdemeanor-commits act to cause fear of immediate bodily harm or death.
July 7: Jedidiah James Dimich, 35, North Branch, assault-2nd degree-dangerous weapon.
Erin Colleen Salminen, 34, Chisago City, controlled substance 5-unknown act-amphetamines-not applicable, endanger child-situation could cause harm or death.
Matthew John Nelson, 26, Wyoming, gross misdemeanor-traffic-DWI-third degree driving while impaired, 1 aggravating factor.
July 8: Christopher Elmer Swenson, 37, Lindstrom, gross misdemeanor, traffic-DWI-third degree driving while impaired, 1 aggravating factor.
July 9: Paige Louise Biljan, 24, Stacy, threats of violence (terrorist threats), domestic assault.
Craig Rockwell Nihart, 47, Rush City, gross misdemeanor, traffic-DWI-refuse to submit to chemical test.

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