Police Reports

North Branch police reports major arrests and incidents that occur in the city limits. Chisago County Sheriff’s Office reports major crimes and arrests within Chisago County. The time refers to the time the incident was reported on the corresponding date.

North Branch:
July 3: 6400 block of Elm St., theft (not in progress) was reported at North Branch City Hall. (12:22 a.m.)
July 4: 38000 block of Everett Ave., theft (not in progress). (10:58 p.m.)
July 5: 5200 block of Nottingham Rd., theft (not in progress). (4:24 p.m.)
July 7: 5900 Main St., theft of gas was reported at the Holiday Gas Station south. (10:21 a.m.)
5900 Main St., theft of gas was reported at the Holiday Gas Station south. (2:48 p.m.)
5800 block of St. Croix Trail, theft of gas was reported at the Holiday Gas Station north. (9:21p.m.)
July 8: 6300 block of Pine St., domestic-physical (not in progress) was reported and someone was arrested. (12:43 a.m.)
July 9: 5800 block of St. Croix Trail, theft of gas was reported at the Holiday Gas Station north. (8:01 a.m.)
Chisago County:
July 10: 36000 block of Reed Ave., Taylors Falls, burglary-residential (not in progress); a deputy took further information regarding issues at the address. The investigation division, as well as patrol, is already aware of incidents at the residence and has a suspect. (10:20 a.m.)
July 11: Taylors Falls Elementary, vandalism complaint; a deputy spoke with the principal over the phone about vandalism at the school. He said playground equipment is getting vandalized, and it appears people have been getting up on the roof of the school. The deputy said he would put out an extra patrol request and he would check that area more frequently when he was in Taylors Falls. (3:33 p.m.)
July 12: 29000 block of Summer St., Franconia Landing, missing person; deputies were dispatched to the area in reference to a found kayak on the St. Croix River near Rock Island. A deputy spoke with the complainant, who said he had seen a green kayak on shore just north of Rock Island and while fishing in the area for a couple of hours he didn’t see anybody in the area. The complainant checked the kayak and said there was personal property in it, including keys. The Sheriff’s Office launched a boat and located the kayak, which did have water in it and a tackle box; it had possibly overturned. The area was checked further, and nobody was located. Oakdale police checked the registered owner’s residence, and family said he had left earlier in the day, and they had not seen or heard from him. They said he had left his wallet and cell phone at home. The area was checked, and a vehicle matching the description of the vehicle driven by the kayak owner was found at Interstate Park in Taylors Falls. Family members in Oakdale filed a missing person report. The water unit of the Sheriff’s Office conducted a further search in the daytime. (12:14 p.m.)
July 14: 33000 block of Redwing Ave., Stacy, dog bite; a deputy called a local hospital and talked to a nurse who said a victim was receiving stitches for a dog bite to the face. She said the bite was apparently accidental from a family member’s dog getting overly excited and did not appear to be from an aggressive dog. The deputy then spoke to the juvenile victim’s legal guardian/grandfather. He said he would be returning to the incident location where he was staying with relatives, who are also the dog owners. The deputy advised him to call when he was back and the residence, and the deputy would then respond to the issue him and the dog owners the dog bite incident paperwork. Later in the deputy’s shift, he stopped by the residence and viewed the dogs, which did not appear to be aggressive. The deputy then completed the dog bite victim and owner forms and explained them to app parties. He advised the dog owners to contact their vet to inquire if all vaccinations were up to date. (5:47 p.m.)
July 15: 1300 block of Cooper Ln., Rush City, criminal damage to property; a deputy called and spoke to complainant. She said that overnight someone had broken into a vacant property on Cooper Lane. She said they broke a window to gain access and appeared to have exited the back door. She also said it appeared as if the suspect(s) tried to start a fire with toilet paper in the living room. There was no other damage to the property. She told the deputy she did not want him to respond to the location; she just wanted the incident documented. (1:01 p.m.)
July 10: Zachary Michael Dzimiela, 24, Chetek, Wisconsin; theft-take/drive motor vehicle-no owner consent.
Jacob Michael Leclair, 29, Braham, weapons, gross misdemeanor, carrying a pistol without a license, uninsured vehicle.
Anthony Michael Hoffman, 37, North Branch, probation violation.
July 11: Joseph Allen Kapaun, 47, Shafer, domestic assault.
July 12: Curtis Patrick Wagner, 31, North Branch, probation violation.
July 13: Hope Kennedy Thomas, 20, Chisago City, contempt of court.
Ronald J. Johnson, 60, Lindstrom, possession of amphetamine, possession of drug paraphernalia.
July 14: Stephanie Summer Jenson, 23, North Branch, 2nd degree assault with a dangerous weapon, domestic assault.
Anthony James Remmen, 29, Forest Lake, 3rd degree DWI, possession of a pistol while intoxicated.
Alan Curtis Jackson, 63, Stacy, 3rd degree DWI.
July 15: John Coleman Olson, 45, Shafer, DWI-operate a motor vehicle with blood-alcohol concentration .08 within 2 hours.
Karl Rodli Astin, 42, Chanhassen, 2nd degree DWI, refusal to submit to a chemical test, driving after cancellation-inimical to public safety, violation of driver’s license restrictions.
Bryon Jon Hembd, 60, North Branch, 4th degree DWI, disorderly conduct.
July 16: John Bemjamin Yankovec, 23, North Branch, 2nd degree DWI.
Wyatt Wagner Tutila, 19, Stacy, third degree DWI.
Steven Michael Scanlon, 32, Stacy, reckless discharge of a pistol in a municipality.

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