Police Reports

North Branch police reports major arrests and incidents that occur in the city limits. Chisago County Sheriff’s Office reports major crimes and arrests within Chisago County. The time refers to the time the incident was reported on the corresponding date.

North Branch:
July 17: 6400 block of Ash St., theft (not in progress) was reported at J.J.’s Bowl and Lounge. (11:09 a.m.)
5600 block of St. Croix Trl., theft (not in progress) was reported at Shopko. (3:04 p.m.)
5900 block of Maple St., vandalism complaint (not in progress) was reported at North Oaks Apartments. (6:29 p.m.)
July 18: 5500 block of St. Croix Trl., theft of gas was reported at holiday Gas Station West. (8:33 a.m.)
July 19: 40800 block of Fenian Way, burglary-residential (not in progress) was reported at Provide Care Roosevelt House. (1:44 p.m.)
July 20: 4600 block of Isanti Trail, burglary-commercial (not in progress) was reported at Ruddy’s Rental. (7:11 a.m.)
July 21: 5800 block of St. Croix Trail, theft of gas was reported at Holiday Gas Station North. (2:17 p.m.)
6300 block of 360th St., burglary-commercial (not in progress) was reported at County Line Storage. (6:34 p.m.)
July 22: 7600 block of Tamworth Ln., theft (not in progress). (3:56 p.m.)
July 23: 5400 block of St. Croix Trail, theft from vehicle was reported at Don Julio’s Mexican Restaurant. (7:33 p.m.)
Chisago County:
July 18: 29000 block of Summer St., Franconia Landing, theft (not in progress). The complainant owns a storage building that had four kayaks in it. Over the course of two days, two of them were taken. The lock was cut the first time and the hinges removed the second time. No suspects at this time. (1:03 p.m.)
July 19: 24400 block of Quinlan Ave., Franconia Township, vandalism complaint (not in progress). The complainant reported that an unknown person(s) shot out the window on his combine top parked at the end of his road. The complainant uses this as a bus stop shelter. The complainant feels it was a shotgun with a very wide choke, as the shot was believed to be fired from approximately 12 feet away. There is stripling in the safety glass indicating multiple hits, but penetration was poor. Four BB’s were located that fell outside the combine after hitting the glass. They are either steel shot BB’s from a shotgun, or just BB’s from an air gun. There is $500 in damages. No suspects at this time. (5:19 p.m.)
July 19: 5300 block of Wyoming Trail, Wyoming, slumper. A deputy responded to the above listed location to assist WYPD on a reported slumper in a vehicle. Upon arrival, officers were out with two occupants and the driver was performing field sobriety tests. The deputy spoke briefly with another deputy who asked him to speak with the passenger of the vehicle who was suspected, along with the driver, of potentially being under the influence of heroin or other opiate-derived controlled substances.The deputy spoke with the passenger who immediately displayed constricted pupils in a dark post-sunset lighting exterior condition. Additionally, a quick pulse reading showed him at the low end of average. Finally, the passenger admitted to being on active probation through Washington County for DWI and advised that he is required to submit to random testing. The deputy then checked the passenger’s arms and noticed fresh puncture wounds near the crook of his right arm, where intravenous drugs are traditionally administered. The passenger, upon questioning, averted his eyes when the deputy asked him if he submitted to a random testing of drugs would he provide a clean UA for opiates. The deputy then left a voicemail for his probation officer in Washington County and also informed him to contact his PO immediately and advise her of the LE contact. The driver was arrested for suspicion of DWI. (9:19 p.m.)
July 20:1200 block of Cooper Ln., Rush City, burglary-residential (not in progress). A deputy arrived on scene and observed the SB facing window to be open. Upon speaking with the homeowner, he stated a group of teenagers were in his yard earlier that day as a neighbor spoke to him about the incident. The homeowner also stated a Kel Tec PI 1 pistol was taken from the residence as well as a pink Frozen wallet with $12 in it. The deputy took statements and attempted to pull prints off of the windows without luck. (7:02 p.m.)
July 22: 18400 block of 305th St., Shafer, gun complaint/shots fired. A deputy made contact with the complainant who advised his neighbor is shooting into a pond and the rounds are escaping the berm that is past it and going onto his property. The deputy was shown video that appeared to have sounds consistent with possible rounds going by. The complainant just wanted the neighbor to be talked to and advised not to shoot into the pond. The deputy did speak with the neighbor who advised there was no way his rounds were escaping the berm. The deputy advised it was probably not the best idea to shoot into the water, but he did not believe he was breaking any laws by doing so. The neighbor did advise if the complainant was going to be out on the property to call him and he would stop shooting for a period of time. After the deputy cleared the call he was contacted again by the complainant who advised soon after he left the neighbor started yelling something and began shooting into the air. It should be noted it was well after dark by this time. The complainant advised he was going to send the videos to the deputy. (8:40 p.m.)
July 18: Kyle Julius Grupp, 25, North Branch, traffic-DWI-third degree driving while impaired.
July 19: Summer Anne Ventimiglia, 35, Wyoming, con-sub 5-possess-opium-unk.
Zachary Todd Smith, 38, Shafer, domestic abuse-violate order for protection-misdemeanor.
July 22: Amanda Marie Scott, 35, Harris, traffic-DWI-third degree driving while impaired, traffic-DWI-operate motor vehicle under influence of alcohol.

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