Women in Welding coming this fall

Superintendent Deb Henton
 Deb Henton

I’ve written often about the many wonderful partnerships North Branch Area Public Schools enjoys and that result in opportunities for students, families, and community members. Today I am pleased to make you aware of another such partnership; one that will benefit women exploring a possible career in welding.
North Branch Area Community Education, in partnership with Pine Technical and Community College, will be offering “Women in Welding” this fall at North Branch Area High School. Basic welding students will learn principles of welding and safety considerations on the job. This course will focus on developing wire feed, tungsten inert gas (TIG), gas metal arc (MIG), and shielded metal arc (stick) welding (SWAW) and applied blue print reading will also be covered.
Classes will commence this fall, starting on Sept. 25, and ending on Oct. 10. All classes will begin at 3:30 p.m.
This is an intrductory course, so no experience is required to sign up.
We are proud to partner with PTCC to bring this class to the community and women who may be interested in a job as a skilled technician. Welders do very well in this area, earning $16-18 per hour in our region, and employers are looking for welders even now! One advantage to a career in welding is that it is a required skill for a wide variety of products and services. Welders work on construction projects, at power-plants, and in a variety of insustrial maintenance and repair fields. They are needed in the manufacture of a large number of items, such as cars and boats.
If you have considered welding as a career in the past, this course provides the perfect opportunity to get hands on experience and find out if it is a career path that is right for you.
For more information about this class and opportunities for welders, contact PTCC’s Kris Hanson at 320-629-4568 or [email protected]

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