Police Reports

North Branch police reports major arrests and incidents that occur in the city limits. Chisago County Sheriff’s Office reports major crimes and arrests within Chisago County. The time refers to the time the incident was reported on the corresponding date.

Chisago County:
July 19: 9000 block of Blueberry Trl., Rush City, fire call; a deputy responded to the location regarding a residential fire. When he arrived on scene, he found the homeowner had knocked down the flames with water from a garden hose. Firefighters from the Rush City Fire Department arrived on scene. Discarded cigarette butts in a tin coffee can likely caused the fire. The coffee can was placed on the front porch, next to the residence. (3:11 a.m.)
July 25: 18000 block of St. Croix Trail, Palmdale; a complainant told a deputy they found the side door to CJ’s Bar and Grill open. The deputy cleared the building and found nobody inside. The door had been left open by a food delivery contact. Upon looking at the pull tab boxes, the complainant found a total of $1,570 missing. (10:53 a.m.)
July 27: Lake Blvd., Olinda Trl., Lindstrom, vehicle crash; injury reported. (4:43 p.m.)
Forest Blvd., 530th St., Rushseba Twp., fire call; a deputy was flagged down by an individual who said he saw smoke coming from the railroad just north of 525th St. The deputy attempted to put the fire out with an extinguisher, but he was unable to get it to go all the way out. The Rush City Fire Department arrived on scene and put the fire the rest of the way out. (5:06 p.m.)
July 28: 5300 block of Stacy Trl. (Sunrise Market), suspicious person; a deputy responded to the business on a report of two people sleeping in a vehicle in front of the store. Upon arrival, the deputy made contact with the occupants. They provided ID cards. The deputy asked the driver why he didn’t have a driver’s license. He said he didn’t have one. The deputy then checked both of the occupants’ driving records and found the driver had two outstanding warrants: one out of Anoka County and one out of Blue Earth County. The deputy told the driver to “finish his cigarette” and step out of the vehicle, as he was under arrest for multiple outstanding warrants. (3:15 a.m.)
900 block of 515th St. (boat access on West Rush Lake), vandalism complaint; a deputy spoke with a man who said that the previous day someone had cut the vinyl cover on his truck while they were out fishing. The approximate damage was $400. (10:05 a.m.).
30200 block of Cyprus Rd., Shafer, suspicious person; a deputy responded to the address in reference to an intoxicated person who was trying to get into the complainant’s house. The person was reported to have walked away prior to the deputy’s arrival. The deputy located the man seated on a deck at another address. The man told the deputy he had opened doors and knocked. He was “obviously intoxicated.” The man is currently on probation and not supposed to be consuming alcoholic beverages. He refused to submit to a breath test. Chisago County probation placed a hold on the man for violating his probation. He was arrested and transported to the Chisago County Jail. (4:33 p.m.)
46000 block of Acacia Trl., Stanchfield, theft of gas; the reporting party at the business met with a deputy and told him some unknown suspect(s) had stolen an estimated 90 gallons of premium non-oxygenated fuel from a 300-gallon bulk tank. The thief cut the rubber feeder hose, which is connected to the nozzle, and drained the fuel. (5:41 p.m.)

July 23: Brady John Snyder-Smith, 22, Rush City, two counts of 4th degree assault: hands-police, disorderly conduct-fighting or brawling.
Cassie Marie Holcomb, 24, Harris, domestic assault.
Katherine Rheanne Bauer, 49, Center City, domestic assault.
Theresa Marie Reinertson, 47, Isanti, 4th degree DWI, refuse to submit to chemical test.
July 25: Christina Jane Martin, 39, Hinckley, possession of a controlled substance, driving after license suspension, uninsured vehicle, weapons charge.
President Pimping Austin, 25, Shafer, escape civil commitment.
Brian Gregory Kaufenberg, 42, Shafer, neglect child (includes nonsupport of child).
July 26: Ashley Jade Doble, 33, Little Falls, 5th degree possession of a controlled substance, giving a peace officer a false name, possession of drug paraphernalia, bringing contraband into jail.
Walter Davis Junior, 35, St. Paul, theft-not more than $500-felony motor vehicle-firearms, tamper with motor vehicle without owner’s permission.
Brandon Anthony Jones, 32, St. Paul, theft-not more than $500-felony motor vehicle-firearms, tamper with motor vehicle without owner’s permission.
Chad Michael Formo, 41, Wyoming, possession of heroin, possession of methamphetamine.
July 28: Steven Scott Janke, 34, Isanti, DWI.
Daniel David Byrom, 40, Stacy, 2nd degree DWI, refuse to submit to chemical test, possession of over 1.4 grams of marijuana in motor vehicle.
July 30: Anita Marie Faulk, 64, Robbinsdale, fleeing an officer, fourth degree DWI, open bottle law.

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