County working with NB on Hemingway Avenue extension

If everything goes according to plan with a road extension in North Branch, the area near the city’s three schools and education center could see some traffic congestion relief.
County Engineer Joe Triplett told the Chisago County Board of Commissioners at its Aug. 16 meeting the county looking to partner with the city on an extension of Hemingway Avenue.
“The city is working with a developer to develop that area just west and north of the Castleberry development, between Highway 95 and County Road 14,” Triplett said. “They’re moving more into the concept and actually getting a design for that highway. Our thoughts are that is going to act as the county road, in that situation. We’ll be moving forward with the developer and the city in more of a partnership to design it and get it constructed. More than likely than not, we’ll take that road over and turn back the local road that’s in front of the school. Hopefully this will take most of that county traffic away from the middle school, elementary and the high school and help with the congestion in there.”
Triplett said the city will be addressing the project proposal at this week’s council meeting (after press time).
“We’re working with the city engineer and the city on this,” he said. “It sounds like it’s going to go forward.”

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